Habits That Defeat the Purpose of Your Working Out

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Working out as a habit is great. It has plenty of benefits that boost not just your physical health but your mental health as well. However, many people have built bad habits during workouts that somehow defeat their purpose.

Each one has different reasons and goals for working out. To some, it might be to improve their strength and endurance. Others probably want to have a better physique. Some people want to bulk up for competitions. Yes, there are a lot of different motivations for working out, but unless you do things right, you might end up getting frustrated and giving up entirely on it.

Here are some bad workout habits that make it harder for you to reach your fitness goals. See the list below and find out if you’re guilty of one of them.

Workout Habits That Make Your Workout Pointless

1. Jumping immediately to your workout

Many people who go to the gym fail to do warm-ups before their workout. This can lead to injuries that can leave you sidelined for anywhere between a few days to a few months, and you don’t want that.

2. Doing static stretches pre-workout

That being said, stretches do not count for warm-ups. Especially not static stretches. While stretching is great for the body, knowing which type of stretch to do before and after a workout matters a lot. There is a great difference between static and dynamic stretches and how you play this into your routine will either injure you or improve your performance.

3. Doing cardio only

While cardio is great for your heart, if you focus on it as your primary workout, you’re depriving your body of its required strength training. Lifting weights isn’t just for shaping one’s body but also helps strengthen the bones and joints.

4. Forcing yourself to either eat or not eat before working out

Food intake is directly connected to your fitness goals. Be sure to listen to your body on this one. Don’t force yourself into doing something that your body negatively reacts to. It will only make working out a lot harder. Be mindful of the things you eat but don’t starve yourself. Be consistent with your workout plan. If you are on a keto diet and decide to eat a little before working out, make sure you eat just enough ketosis products to sustain your workout.

5. Sticking to one program for months

A good fitness program will include keeping your body challenged and avoid plateaus. In terms of muscle development and growth, you need to do progressive overload. This means that you need to change up your routine every few weeks to promote muscle growth and stimulation.

6. Sacrificing form for weight and speed

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One of the biggest mistakes anyone can ever make in the gym is working out with the poor form. Some people think that weight and the speed of execution will build muscle effectively. However, if you sacrifice form for speed and weight, you won’t get the most out of the exercise.

7. Working only on “problem areas”

A lot of people go to the gym hoping to get rid of problem areas such as flabby arms or a big gut. But if all the time spent in the gym is dedicated only to certain body parts and not the whole, you are compromising the other body parts, and you’ll still end up not getting your desired results.

8. Taking long breaks between sets

Understandably, working out can be exhausting. It’s normal to pause and catch your breath in between sets. However, if you take too long with your rest, you are risking lowering your heart rate, which could backfire on you.

9. Working out to the point of exhaustion

On the other hand, a lot of people needlessly tire themselves out when they exercise because they believe it’s the only way to get the most out of the workout. Training to failure runs the risk of injuries, muscle fatigue, and altered resting heart rate.

10. Keeping track of only your weight

One of the things you need to understand is that your weight is not the only number that counts. Keep track of your entire journey and take note of your progress so that you don’t miss out on crucial information that could help your body perform better.

If you’re guilty of one or more of these things, it’s never too late to correct them. Consider working with a coach and ask for guidance on how to go about your training properly. Doing so can address the factors that make your workouts ineffective.

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