What to Do in Prague — Best Attractions and Hidden Gems

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Prague is on any avid traveler’s list, and for a good reason — it’s less expensive than other destinations in Europe, boasting beautiful attractions that have captured the public’s imagination for decades. It’s a vibrant city that’s well set up for visitors, offering some of Europe’s most pristine sights.

So while you have home improvement projects or water heater replacement or repair going on at home — book a ticket and discover the best places to visit in the enchanting city of Prague with these top attractions and hidden gems.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is the largest complex globally and was once home to Bohemia kings and is currently the residence of Czech Republic President Miloš Zeman — and one of Prague’s most visited tourist destinations. It oversees the beautiful view of the Vltava River and spires in its fields. The place is open to the public every day, but it’s best to visit the site during the weekdays as huge crowds flock to the attraction on weekends.

Old Town Square

If you’re looking to have an authentic ‘feel’ of Prague’s history, visiting the Old Town Square is a great way to enjoy the city’s rich history and culture. The place has remained untouched since the 10th Century and is packed with alfresco restaurants, street performers, and merchants that can keep anyone entertained. It’s the perfect go-to attraction if you’re looking to admire the incredible architecture Prague has to offer.

Charles Bridge

Connecting the Old Town Square and Lesser Quarter, Charles Bridge is Prague’s oldest surviving bridge and is the most famous monument in the city — lined with Baroque statues. It used to be open to traffic and trams, but today, many aspiring local artists fill the bridge with their creations for all visitors to see.

Petrin Hill

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If you’re looking to take a break from the city, visiting Petrin Hill in Prague is a fantastic choice as the lush scenery is filled with trees, budding flowers, and numerous plants. Additionally, it gives you a magnificent view of the ancient city of Prague. The hills boast a mini Eiffel Tower, an astronomical observatory, a 100-year-old brewery, and the Strahov Monastery.

St. Vitus Cathedral

During your visit to the Prague castle, why not drop by to nearby St. Vitus cathedral? It’s one of the many attractions situated on the castle grounds and is visible from all around the ancient city. The cathedral offers many treasures to tourists, including the St. John of Nepomuk tombstone, the smaller Chapel of St. Wenceslas, and its distinct art nouveau stained glass windows.

Wenceslas Square

If you’re seeking a modern feel of the city, visiting Prague’s New Town or Nové Mesto district is a great place to start. It’s one of the best free things you can do in the ancient city, introducing you to some of Prague’s best dining and shopping experiences. The place is also home to the Národní Muzeum or national museum. Wenceslas Square is where most locals celebrate events, allowing citizens and visitors to bond, enjoy good food, and have fun.

From the historical Prague castle to the serene Petrin hills, the Czech Republic capital boasts plenty of magnificent sights and hidden gems that any tourist would love. Consider the attractions mentioned for your next visit to Prague to explore and make the most out of your getaway in the small European country.

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