Home Improvement: Turning an Unused Spaces into a Sanctuary

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Even as the vaccine rollout continues in the United States, concerns were raised about a fourth wave that may come as new variants of the coronavirus may spread across the country. This means people may have to stay at home for a longer time.

While this may not be an appealing idea for some, others may see this as an opportunity to make some changes in the house and turn an unused space into a sanctuary where the family can relax and watch a movie or two. Here are some home improvement ideas where homeowners can turn an unused space in the house into a sanctuary.

Watch a Movie at the Home Theater Basement

A homeowner can turn a basement into a home theater where the family can watch a movie or two while eating popcorn. The location of the extra room will raise concerns about moisture accumulation. One solution to this concern is using sump pumps and perimeter drains. Homeowners can also direct the gutter downspouts away from the house. Adding insulation to the walls can also keep water and moisture at bay.

Once the moisture issue is solved, the homeowner can start upgrading the basement and install a projection TV, a comfortable couch, and even a popcorn machine so the family will never run out of popcorn while watching their favorite shows.

Relax at a Zen Den

A den is an extra room in a house or apartment that’s normally used as an office or a sitting area. While a den is smaller than a living room, homeowners can convert it into a sanctuary where the family can simply relax after a long hard day. It can also give members of the family a place where they can meditate to take away the stress and anxiety. The homeowner can even install a fireplace to give the family a warm place to stay on a cold winter night.

Have Fun in the Rec Room Garage

There are times when the garage isn’t used the way it’s meant to be used. When the driveway is big enough, homeowners may end up parking their cars there and using the garage as a storage area. But they can convert the garage into something more useful and fun for the whole family. The homeowner can convert it into a recreational room.

They can do a Marie Kondo on what’s inside the garage and dispose of anything that doesn’t give them joy anymore. They can replace it with a couch or sofa, a gaming console, and a huge 50-inch LED TV so they can have some fun without leaving the home. Insulating the walls will be a good idea to avoid disturbing the neighbors, especially when the games get intense. Additionally, a beverage refrigerator will be necessary to ensure everyone playing is well-hydrated.

The rec room garage is suitable for every member of the family. The whole family can stay here and have a bit of fun after a long week of quarantine in the main house.

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Hang Out at an Outdoor Living Room

Having a garden is a blessing for some homeowners since they have the opportunity to breathe in fresh air even without leaving their property. To enhance the whole experience, they can set up an outdoor living area in their garden. They can build a deck and set up rails around the deck. Decorating the deck with plants brings the homeowners closer to nature even if they are living in the middle of a city.

Additionally, putting outdoor furniture also gives homeowners another place where they can unwind in the afternoon after sitting the whole day behind the desk of their workstation inside the house. They can also put more decorations in the outdoor living space to give it a homier ambiance for the homeowner.

Have Some Coffee at the Porch Living Room

A porch is a great place where homeowners can start their day with a cup of coffee before they log in to work at the workstation inside the house. It’s also a great place where they can relax on a lazy warm weekend. They can transform it into a room by adding a bit of furniture on the porch, including a couch, a couple of chairs, a coffee table, and even a rug.

The homeowner can even paint it to give their porch a personality that reflects their own. Aside from a place to relax, homeowners can also receive guests at the porch living room to prevent bringing in any bacteria and viruses that may affect the health of other people in the house.

Giving an unused space inside the house a makeover can give homeowners another place where they can relax and take away the stress caused by the current health crisis.

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