How to Design Your Home for Safety and Security

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Your home is more than a house. It is a place of beginnings, moments, and experiences. This is where you build your future and your family. A place where your children can play and run around in. It’s a place where you and your partner will grow old. That’s why your house must secure your future. Here are some home design tips to make your home safer for you and your loved ones:

Air Quality

When you’re designing your home you have to ensure that you have good air quality. Why? Because polluted air isn’t only found outdoors. Air pollution can happen indoors, especially inside your homes. House dust, possible chemicals from cleaners, mold, or even pet hair are a few things that can cause air pollution in your homes. It’s important to ensure that the air in your home is clean. By doing so you can avoid any allergens that can be irritating for you and your loved ones.

A way for you to ensure good air quality at home is by providing adequate ventilation in areas that need it. Your kitchen and bathroom are the two most important places to have ventilation. Having plants at home can also help improve air quality. It doesn’t only liven up the place, but some say it can also remove toxins and kill viruses as well. You also want to use as many toxin-free products as possible. That means using Low VOC or No VOC paints and avoiding the use of synthetic carpets.

man installing sliding glass door


They provide us with wonderful views of the outside. But, it can also be a way for things from the outside to look in – or worse: get in. Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to design your windows to make it more secure. Adding window locks or latches are one of the best solutions. But, if you want more privacy, you’ll need more than latches and locks. You should also install security window film at home. This is a great way to let you enjoy the view of the outdoors, but keep you and your loved ones safe from prying eyes. These window films also have anti-shatter properties.

Another common concern about windows is the blinds. Window blinds with cords are one of the most common causes of fatal accidents for children. You definitely wouldn’t want your kid getting stuck in one of these. Parents are often reminded not to buy these kinds of blinds. If you want your children’s bedroom safe from outside eyes, definitely think about installing those window films. It’s better than blinds.

Floor safety

You also have to think about floor safety when you’re designing your homes. Floor safety is especially important if you have seniors living in your home. You wouldn’t want to risk a serious accident because of having the wrong flooring option.

These are the things you should ask yourself when thinking about floor safety: Is it non-slip, especially in the bathroom where it gets wet? Is it easy to walk on with a cane? Or is it easy for wheelchairs to get across? How often do you need to maintain it? Is it comfortable on the joints? Does it have enough cushioning for a fall? You have to keep in mind that the more traction there is, the safer it is. You should also pick a flooring option that is softer on the joints.

Furniture Placement

Knowing where to place your furniture is another important thing to think about when you’re designing your home. But, it’s something most people don’t think about when it comes to safety. Because it’s just furniture how could it hurt anybody?

Well, here’s something to think about: If you have children, especially small children. You would want to make sure that you don’t have any tables or drawers with sharp edges about their height. There are furniture designs that have rounded or curved edges. If you have a second floor you have to design it in a way that ensures your children can’t fall to the bottom. You can secure their safety by adding railings that don’t have enough gap space for a child to fall between.


Having the correct lighting placements are also important. For example, having hallway lighting that leads to the bathroom. Exterior lighting for your lawn or the outside of your garage is also very important. This way you can see if anyone is outside. It’ll also stop unwanted people from trying to get into your homes if there’s nowhere for them to hide.

When you’re designing your forever home you want to ensure that it’s safe and secure for everybody. Especially, your loved ones. Remember to keep these design tips in mind. You don’t just want a beautiful home; you want a secure home.

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