How to Make an Instagram Wall at Home

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There is no doubt that Instagram has been part of people’s social media routines. It’s one of the top three apps that people check on their phones. Through the app, they see where their friends went on vacations or who they spent the day with. On Instagram stories, people share even the most mundane things in their lives.

With 112.5 million users, Instagram is basically a staple in a person’s phone. Because of its popularity, people strive to take good photos to make their feeds presentable. They look for the best views. They have different poses up their sleeves. Because of this, the “Instagram wall” and the term “instagrammable” were coined, both pertaining to pretty photos.

An Instagram wall is basically one wall in an establishment that people can use as a cute background for their Instagram posts. It may be a business or just for personal fun, an Instagram wall is a cool thing to have.


Wallpaper is an easy and guaranteed way to have a pretty wall in your room. It can also be a do-it-yourself project. There are types of wallpaper that already have an adhesive, so you can simply stick them on the wall. You can spend an afternoon of climbing ladders and assembling patterns, and you’ll have a cute wall for Instagram.

Wallpaper can also be used to cover up dirt and damage on the wall. However, it’s best to call a home repair specialist to check it out and solve any issues before it gets worse. Remember that constant repair and maintenance for your home increases your safety. You’ll never know what can happen from a minor wall problem, especially because electrical wires are usually placed behind them.

Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is a great way to add some greens in your home without taking up too much space. If you live in an apartment with no access to a lawn, this is a good option for you.

You can set up hooks or a mesh grid, so you can hang some planters on your wall. Then, fill it with vining plants, like String of Hearts or Pothos, so they can drape your wall.

Another option is to have a vertical plant box. First, you’ll need a frame with plastic sheeting and fabric. The plastic sheeting will prevent the water from going to your wall, and the fabric will retain moisture for your plants. An irrigation system would also make life easier because watering a vertical garden like this can be challenging. Once you have the frame and the irrigation system in place, it’s time to add the soil and the plants. To add the plants, place a small tear on the fabric.



Having some mementos on your wall helps you relive memories and remember what you felt back then. In the digital age, people might be used to going on social media to look at pictures as opposed to physical ones. It’s time for you to go against the current.

If your passion and talent are in photography, your photo wall can be more than just snapshots of the important events of your life. You can print the photos you’re most proud of: the ones you took from a photo walk or a photo that you submitted to a competition.

Taking pictures of your life shows you how you and the people around you have evolved. Take for example a baby. Through photos, people can watch them grow from the first time they were home to the day they graduated from school.

Whether you put them in picture frames or plainly stick them to the wall, it will still be as pretty when you use it as a background for your Instagram posts. Social media aside, when you take the time to admire all the pictures you’ve hung, you’ll realize the things that are important to you.


This could be a wall dedicated to all the canvasses you have filled, or it could be a mural. Using artwork for your Instagram wall is an advantage because it’s unique. Because every artist paint in their own style, you can’t just find these things at a department store.

By showcasing your works on this wall, you can practice your skill and use your space as a personal art exhibit. Maybe you’ll have guests who would come over, admire your work, and purchase them. On the other hand, when you purchase from a local art exhibit, you’re supporting local artists. This will help them pursue their passion, hone their craft, and pay the bills.

You’ll be ready to take as many photos as you need and improve your Instagram game. You can choose among wallpaper, plants, photos, and art.

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