How to Maximize Space at Home for a Bigger Kitchen

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There’s nothing worse than having a kitchen that feels cluttered. After all, it’s supposed to be a place where you can unwind after a hectic day and cook a hearty meal rather than struggling to find what you need — and this scenario is all too common for people with smaller kitchens.

If your pint-sized kitchen is leaving you starved for counter space or have been wanting to buy a new oven but don’t have room for it, these space-making tips can help you expand your kitchen with ease.

Foldable Furniture

Instead of investing in a bulky kitchen table, go for a folding table. This item can provide you with a convenient spot where you can prepare and eat food without too much floor space, allowing you to roam around more freely. After that, you can also use the folding table as a desk that you can use for work.

Make Your Kitchen ‘Smarter’

Incorporating modern gadgets and ‘smarter’ changes to your kitchen can make it more functional, chic — and very spacious. One way you can do this is by installing automatic sliding doors, saving you space, ensuring you get the most out of the available room you have in your kitchen. Plus, it’s more functional. Another way to make your kitchen ‘smarter’ and save you space is by investing in cabinet doors with touch-activated latches, cleaning your kitchen’s lines, making it more spacious, and appearing bigger.

Opt for Smaller Furniture

Using smaller furniture can save you tons of space, whether it’s a kitchen table or a freestanding kitchen island. By going with downsized versions, you can add more room for foot traffic, making your meal prep sessions more convenient and less stuffy.

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Reduce Hardware

Removing counter clutter is crucial in keeping your kitchen looking open and feeling breezy, but you can improve these effects better by getting rid of the hardware you don’t need. For instance, if you’ve had a conventional stove that you don’t use anymore, it’s best to donate or sell it and replace it with an electric one you can place on your kitchen counter.

Add Shelf Uppers

Although removing your upper cabinets may not be practical, especially for smaller kitchens — you can easily replace these storage spaces with open shelves. Adding a couple of upper shelves on one wall can hold several things, including your daily-use utensils and other tableware, storage jars with spices, and cookbooks while giving the room a more ‘open’ vibe, making your kitchen more spacious. Doing this makes your kitchen feel less stuffy while providing you with more moving room.

Use the Space Under Your Cabinets

You can add more room to your kitchen using the ‘dead’ spaces under your kitchen cabinets. You can do this by adding wine glasses racks or hanging organizers under your kitchen cabinet, giving you more room for your kitchen essentials without breaking the bank. Plus, these are relatively easy to install yourself.

Any kitchen of any size can feel roomy if you know a few tricks — such as the ones mentioned, helping you expand your kitchen without doing any renovations.

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