How to Revamp Your Bathroom on a Budget

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Have you ever seen those bathrooms in magazines or TV that have great decorations and design? They almost look like spas instead of home shower rooms. Truth be told, the bathroom is probably the hardest one to remodel, considering that functionality should be the top priority. Not to mention that you have to keep the drainage systems and plumbing in mind.

Remodelling a bathroom in full can cost a lot of money. On average, it would cost you ten to twenty thousand dollars, depending on how much you want to change. But there are creative tricks you can do to revamp your bathroom on a budget. Here’s how.

Change the walls.

Bathroom tiles are one of the most expensive materials used for renovation. Although it’s common to see bathrooms tiled all around, it doesn’t mean it’s a requirement. You can save up a lot by being smart with where and how you make use of tiles.

Focus on key areas like the walls and flooring to limit the number of tiles you use. You can install one strip of tile on the wall while using wallpaper to cover the rest. Just make sure to use a moisture-wicking type of wallpaper to sustain steam and moisture droplets. Another option is to use expensive tiles for key areas but opting for more affordable options in the surrounding surfaces.

Choose your countertop wisely.

bathroom countertopA bathroom countertop is another expense you’ll have to make when remodelling your bathroom. But if you know how to choose wisely, you can save a ton of money on it. Neutral colours like white, beige and brown are the most common colours for bathroom vanities in Melbourne. These shades are relatively more expensive than others, considering the high demand. Maybe you can select an unconventional colour that also blends well with the design of your bathroom.

Another idea is to DIY your countertop. You can get creative by using an old low-rise cabinet or closet and merely cutting a hole on the surface to accommodate the sink. Getting a second-hand countertop is also an excellent way to spare thousands buying one that’s brand new.

Pay attention to detail.

You might be thinking that you have to make drastic changes to your bathroom to get the results you want. But small details like the towel racks, faucet, lighting and drawer handles can make a huge impact in the look of the room. These small fixtures are relatively cheap investments but can contribute to the transformation of your bathroom.

Invest in lighting.

One inexpensive yet impactful measure you can take to revamp your bathroom is to invest in lighting. Strategically and functionally placed lights will add glamour and contribute to the overall feel of the space. If you want an environment similar to that of a spa, warm lighting is a good idea.

Make your bathroom look bigger.

Spacious bathrooms look clean and organised. But we’re not saying that you need to get yourself a bigger bathroom. You can trick the eyes into making it look bigger.

How? Mirrors. Installing a huge vanity mirror or using mirrored tiles will help make the illusion of a bigger space. Plus, they also help bounce light around, so you get a lot of natural light exposure in the room.

Renovating your bathroom does not have to cost a lot of money. Take these tips and start the remodelling efforts you’ve always wanted to do on your bathroom.

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