Home Projects that Improve Experience and Property Value

home improvement project
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Home projects are fun to do. Especially when they improve your living experience. However, not everyone is set on their current residence and is looking to change locations. Does this mean you should stop with improving your home?

Definitely not! As a matter of fact, improving your home even with the intent to sell is a good thing as some home improvement projects actually increase the property value of your home. This yield returns both in experience when you’re living in your house and finances when you’ve finally decided to sell it.

But what home projects increase the value of your home? Below are some ideas.

Convert Your Attic into a Loft

Many homeowners normally turn their attic into storage spaces for items that they never use. However, the attic is a perfectly usable space that can improve your living experience and even increase the value of your property. By converting your attic into a loft, you’re increasing the livable square feet in your house, effectively making it larger. You can either turn it into a relaxation lounge, a recreational center, or another bedroom.

If you plan to stay in your current house for a while before selling it off, a loft conversion is a great idea. By the time you decide to sell your property, the increase in value would have more than recouped the initial cost.

Make Your Basement a Livable Space

Just as turning your attic into a livable space increases your property value, so does your basement. While many families already use their basement for matters like laundry, workshop, or storage, if you intend to sell it, it’s better to renovate it a bit. Make sure that, at the very least, your basement doesn’t look unfinished. Clean it and finish up the interior so that the buyer can decide whether they want to turn the basement into something else.

Exterior Matters, Too

While we’ve been focusing on the interior of the house, it’s best not to forget that the exterior matters too. No one wants to buy a house that looks shabby and run-down on the outside, even if the inside looks very clean and luxurious. It’s important to consider the exterior appeal, too.

Thus, a good paint job can make the walls look presentable, get the landscaping services done well, and fix up and aesthetic imperfections. While it might seem like you’re spending money to sell your house, the effort and resources you put up will work to prevent the price from going down (which will happen if you sell it when it looks least presentable).

Spruce Up Your Garage

Many people tend to ignore problems in their garage. After all, most of us see ourselves simply as a space for our car. But even a garage has many subtle details going on with it. For one, if you’re looking to improve your home experience, renovating your garage will go a long way. You can start with making sure that your garage door is still perfectly fine. Have it checked by a professional to ensure that it’s safe to use. Install vertical storage to maximize space inside too. And finally, put a finish on your garage floor to make clean-up easier and more efficient.

Close up of garage door

Add More Bathrooms

How many times do you have to argue with family members about who uses the bathroom first? This problem has a straightforward solution: have more bathrooms. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but the effort and resources your pour into having another bathroom will be more than worth it. The comfort of not having to wait for your turn is simply something that makes your home experience even more comfortable. Add the fact that houses with more bathrooms also fetch higher prices, so it all works out.

Open Up Your Rooms

Some houses have multiple rooms despite their relatively low square footage. This results in having multiple, small cramped rooms, that find no other use than storage space or an uncomfortable nook that nobody notices. If your house is built like such, the best way to go about it is to knock down some walls and open the rooms to create one bigger room.

The immediate effect of having fewer walls makes the house feel less cramped and imposing, at the same time making it feel airy and wide too. When it comes to property value, it’s a preventive measure as many buyers don’t particularly like it when there are multiple small rooms—who would, right? It’s better to have a bigger space that can be molded to one’s liking.

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