5 Inexpensive Upgrades for a Superb Curb Appeal

curb appeal
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Your home or commercial property should be able to impress even from a distance. And the only way you can achieve that is to ensure that your curb appeal is through the roof.

However, a lot of property owners put off their curb improvement projects due to the wrong notion that they need to drain their budget just to get the aesthetic lift that they desire. Fortunately, this can’t be farther from the truth.

The reality is that you can make your property look every inch like a plush structure by simply following some clever design tricks. Here are five ways on how you can get a killer curb appeal without making your wallet cry:

Give your doors some TLC

Your doors aren’t just portals to your interior spaces but can be excellent focal points in your property. When maintained properly, those doors can actually make your home or commercial building many times more attractive in the eyes of passersby.

As such, you should hire a skilled contractor to oversee your home or garage door repair and maintenance requirements. Such a professional worker can troubleshoot issues with your doors and make them presentable in no time. Depending on the scope of work needed, you’ll probably spend less than $100 to a few hundred dollars in labor and materials, but the benefits you’ll get in terms of curb appeal would be worth it.

Let there be paint

Who says a simple paint job won’t go a long way?

In terms of giving a property an inexpensive makeover, it’s hard to beat a few gallons’ worth of house paint. With just some basic painting materials and tools such as rollers, brushes, ladder, and old newspapers, you can DIY the repainting of your home’s or business establishment’s outside walls, doors, and other components that can be seen from afar.

This project can last for one or two days to a full week or longer depending on your property’s size, your skill level, and whether you’ll do it as a one-man army or you’ll have a few sets of hands to speed up the process.

Add some flower boxes

red tulips

Flowers are the go-to elements for property owners who want to soften their property’s look and make it eye candy. Knowing this, you should invest in some flower boxes and install them in strategic locations such as your front yard or windows.

Pick varieties that are rich in color and would complement or contrast well with your property’s dominant design theme. You would do well to get advice from a horticulturist or local nursery owner to know the appropriate flower species for your property. This way, you’ll pick the perfect flowers that would make your property look like a winner from a distance.

Maintain your lawn’s appearance

Your lawn is literally the first area of your property that visitors and onlookers would see, which is why you have to make sure that it looks immaculate from every angle. This is a tough job, however, since you need to roll up your sleeves and literally get down and dirty to achieve a well-manicured look for your lawn.

Among other things, you need to trim or mow the grass periodically, aerate the soil, prune trees, get rid of the weed, fertilize, and other tasks that ultimately make your lawn look every inch a winner.

You’ll need to invest in a good lawnmower, trimming and pruning tools, organic fertilizer, an aerator (which you can also hire), and some other basic hand tools like trowels and rakes. These would cost you a few hundred dollars or more, depending on how big your lawn. But, keep in mind that you’ll probably need to tend to your lawn for a long time, so your investment would be worth it.

Wash away stubborn dirt

If your property’s outside walls now look like they’re painted cream or gray when they’re in truth painted a sparkling white, your walls most like need to be washed immediately.

The same goes with your gutters, driveways, and walkways — if they look like you can already plant root crops with how thick the dirt is covering them, then it’s sure time to power wash them to quickly get rid of the stubborn dirt. You can buy a power wash if you intend to frequently give your outside areas a bath or you can opt to just rent one every now and then if you plan to remove dirt buildup just a few times a year.

Improving your property’s curb appeal may look like a tough task to accomplish, but it’s not impossible if you know about these tricks and are willing to follow them.

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