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They say men are much simpler than women. While it will probably take you years to figure out the many intricacies that entail being a lady, most people think a man only has one or two things on his mind.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when it comes to older men.

With that in mind, let us look at four male lifestyle trends currently at the forefront.

Relationships: Putting Yourself Out There

In the 2005 Hollywood hit The 40-year-old Virgin, comedic heavyweight Steve Carell plays a 40-year-old single guy who, as the title says, has never engaged in a physical relationship with a woman. Though incredibly awkward at first, he slowly begins to realize that age is nothing but a number, and meaningful relationships between men and women can form at any stage during our lives.

Whether you are a fan of the movie or not, an important lesson stemming from it is the simple fact that men don’t have to be embarrassed or feel shame if they are still single at a later stage in their lives.

Instead, they should put themselves out there, explore, and have fun. They should feel and look handsome, work on their bodies, and even consider ED acoustic wave therapy to improve or enhance their masculinity. After all, who says the fourth decade of your life and beyond shouldn’t be the best?

Health: Smart Training and Functionality

Tom Cruise is almost 60 years old. Yet, he continues to perform most, if not all, his movie stunts. In his latest action film Top Gun: Maverick, he even flies a real-life F18 Super Hornet combat plane. Sylvester Stallone is over 70, yet this hasn’t stopped him from being one of the most marketable movie stars in the business.

Like these two giants, there are plenty of others who continue to defy the test of time and seem as youthful and exuberant as much earlier in their lives.

Still, what common people like you and I do not get to see is the intelligence with which they tackle their physical training. Rather than focusing on heavy lifting and long, strenuous workouts, they go at it hard for shorter periods and concentrate on flexibility, breathing, and recovery.

Nobody is saying you cannot have a six-pack after 40 or a chiseled, god-like physique. But if that’s what you want, the way you train also needs to change.

electric car

Cars: Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

We’ve seen examples of how the movie industry relates to relationships and physical fitness. But these are not the only two areas where Hollywood continues to influence the modern man. Of course, we are talking about cars, motorcycles, and other types of private vehicles.

Arguably the biggest reason why the Fast and the Furious movie saga has been so popular and studios keep on pumping sequels, prequels, and spin-offs every couple of years is its cars. These gas-guzzling monsters with turbo boosters and over-the-top rims are an ode to a male audience driven by testosterone and American muscle.

Reality is a bit different. In the 21st century, a man can still be sexy, strong, and appealing even if he drives a Toyota Prius or a Nissan Leaf, especially as he gets older. In fact, he will probably be more respected and deemed more intelligent than one who disregards our depleting natural resources and the value of environmental protection.

Personality: Emotional Availability

There are various reasons why many women prefer being in relationships with older men. For some, it’s about finding a better, more improved father figure. For others, they believe women mature much faster than men, and thus, a man and a woman of the same age will never be compatible. Finally, a third group thinks older men have already gone through their “wild days” and are much more ready to commit to a serious relationship.

One thing that is oftentimes not mentioned but still equally important is emotional availability. In many cases, men over 40 understand both who they are and who they aren’t. As such, they can show themselves more honestly, resulting in a more empathetic personality towards the other people in their lives.

An older man in the 21st century is much more likely to share his emotions and listen to those of their spouses, partners, and friends. And this comes by choice, not as something being forced upon or expected.

In this day and age, four clear trends seen in men over 40 are being open to exploring new relationships, training with intelligence and purpose, being mindful about the environment and the consequences of our actions, and having the maturity to express themselves with candor and sincerity. Like a fine wine, there is no reason for a man to not get better with age, maximize his true potential, and live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

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