A Beginner’s Guide to Skiing

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There’s something about the great outdoors that will always feel so inviting. Whether it’s the warmth of the sun or the cool breeze that hits your face, outdoor sports will always have a special place in our hearts.

There are lots of activities you can try in your life, but there’s one outdoor sport that will really take your breath away. In this article, we’ll teach you all about the basic things you need to know about skiing.

What Is Skiing?

Skiing is an outdoor sport which is played in snow-covered hills. The athlete would be going downhill from the top of the hill on a snowboard or bindings. Many types of sports have been developed from skiing, and some are even played during the Olympic Games.

Even though the sport is famous for global competitions, it also has other types, such as recreational skiing, for people who want to experience or practice the sport. If you ski during your vacations, then you are a recreational skier.

On the other hand, there’s freestyle skiing. If you’ve ever watched competitions or videos and saw that it somehow resembles skateboarding or BMX, then you’re probably watching freestyle skiing. This is the type of skiing played in the Olympics, and it involves various disciplines like aerials and moguls.

Ski Gear


Now that we’ve learned a few things about the sport, it’s time to discuss the gear you’d be wearing. This is very important as the lack of knowledge over the proper attire that must be worn on the hills often leads to accidents. Furthermore, wearing proper gear will also give you the best experience in the sport.


This is the main component that defines the sport. It’s a two-piece flat board attached to each boot to help you skid and slide down the snow-laden slope smoothly. Skis also come in different sizes and designs, all of which specialize in a certain kind of terrain.

Ski Boots

While skis define the sport, the ski boot is the most crucial part of your overall gear setup in terms of comfort. Always make sure that in choosing your ski boots, pick a pair wherein you have at least a finger of space because your feet would most likely expand in the cold.

Ski Bindings

This attaches the boots to the ski to let the skier control the ski in twisting and turning. There are also different types of ski bindings depending on the type of skiing that you’d prefer.

Ski Poles

Poles are straight rods that you use to help you turn when going downhill from the mountain. The length is very important when choosing ski poles. To make sure that you got the right length, turn your pole upside down and hold the other end while the handle touches the floor. If your arm forms a 90-degree angle, you got the right one.

Ski Jacket

There should be a piece of inner wear underneath your jacket to make it easier to remove layers when the temperature changes. In choosing a jacket, you can pick one that has the style and colors you prefer. You can take advantage of a Bogner mens’ jacket sale; it will provide you with a quality jacket at an affordable price.


Although some people believe that wearing a helmet is optional, it should not be the case. Safety should always be the top priority in every sport. Make sure that you always have one that is specifically meant for skiing.


Goggles are also important for protecting your eyes. Keep in mind that a pair of sunglasses is not an alternative as it will easily get caught in the breeze when you’re racing downhill. Choosing the lenses of your goggles depends on the weather of the place you’ll be skiing in: mirrored for sunny days, yellow for grayish, and orange for mixed weather conditions.


You can choose between gloves or mittens for your hands. Mittens provide a warmer environment for your hands, while gloves provide more functionality in holding the ski poles. Whether you choose gloves or mittens, make sure that they fit properly and not too tight nor too loose.

Ski Pants

A pair of ski pants will protect your legs and keep them warm, which means that this should be waterproof. Ensure that you take note of its breathability and its durability as the sport is intended for extreme movement and weather conditions. You can choose a pair of pants that matches your jacket, or you can mix it up a little.

Being good at sports is something we’d all want to achieve. Be it on a professional level or just for your leisure time, one must know the foundation of each sport to be good at it, and knowing what you need to wear is an essential part of keeping you safe and maximizing your experience.

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