Luxury Getaway Ideas for You and Your Friends

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Going on a getaway is fun, but your enjoyment can be expanded so much more when it’s a trip with a bunch of friends. Not only do you get to share experiences, but the shared expenses also provide a leeway to splurge a little more and indulge in some treats, like these:

  • Flying out to an island

Feeling your oats and starting your vacation in luxury can easily be achieved with all the legit online resources out there and with the US having the largest number of charter jets. With a few clicks, you can get a charter plane from Fort Lauderdale to a breezy island with all the relaxation you can imagine.

Getting chartered flights takes away the stress of catching a schedule that fits into your plans, having to go early, thinking about baggage claim, and wading through all the people who are looking to fly on their designated planes. Finding the right destination isn’t hard, too, as there are plenty of places to visit, like the Bahamas and the Caribbean and beyond.

While this may sound like it will be hefty, it’s often more manageable if you’re flying as a group and would generally cost around the same as some first-class tickets if you find the right charter service.

  • Renting out a villa

Whether you’re picturing the sunny tropics or the cool hills of a ski trip, a private villa is likely waiting for you and your friends to lounge in stylishly. The best part of this is it makes accommodations easier, and you don’t need to worry about bothering any other guests during your stay.

These days, price ranges vary a lot for private villas, depending on the location and time of year, but they are always well-kept for their clientele. You can plan your vacation or trip depending on the factors related to your accommodation. If you are strategic enough with this option, you can essentially have more direct access to lush sites and be right in the middle of nature and comfort. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for a tranquil space away from the busy droves of tourists.

  • Glamping

This option is for people who want the camping experience but with a resort's comfort and amenities. It’s a perfect blend of the full outdoorsy vibe and the chill glamorous vacation that your group could be looking for. 

A lot of glamping locations provide enough access to recreational activities that still give you the feel of traditional camping while lessening the need for more of the survival skills that would entail more effort and resources from your part. You can also tie this into other events, like festivals that could be happening in the area.

Because this activity has been around for a while now, several legitimate offers don’t scrimp on the experience.

Going on a luxury getaway can be a fun experience that will not only bring you and your friends closer together but also be a nice treat for the hard work you accomplish in your daily lives.

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