Rain to Shine: How Wastewater Management Can Start From Home

rainwater being collected on a pail
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Storms can disrupt our routine and bring enormous destruction in our lives and possessions. It can be something as grave as a destroyed roof or something as minute but highly inconvenient as rainwater trapped in pools on top of the house. Stormwater management in Utah usually consists of complicated harvesting and reusing methods. These require complex machines and chemical solutions that are provided by water treatment companies. In short, the processes they undergo are handled by trained professionals in the industry and are heavily reliant on scientific research.

However, that is not the case all of the time. There are easy ways to make use of stormwater, and all of these require minimal effort.

Indoor Uses

Once you have collected enough stormwater, store them somewhere safe and compact but far from the reach of small children. You can boil the water first to sterilize it, or at least warm it a little bit because it is much easier to remove stains that way. Then you can use the rainwater for numerous indoor chores, such as cleaning shoes, old rugs, and curtains.

You can soak rugs in it and clean the nooks and crannies of the house that are rarely cleaned. Or you can mop the floor using rainwater collected in a pail. If it is clear enough, and you come from an environment that is not polluted, you may even use the water for laundry. It is better that way since water directly coming from nature contains fewer minerals. Also, you can use the rainwater for flushing toilets.

rainwater on the roof

Outdoor Uses

For starters, you must have old barrels for you to fill up the rainwater with. They should be sturdy and spacious. They must have secure lids and should be kept in the corner of your yard or otherwise someplace where pets and children cannot accidentally fall in them. Wells are alright, too.

The outdoor uses for rainwater are much more varied. Then you can refill fish ponds so that your goldfish and koi will have a wider area to swim around. You can also refill birdbaths and outdoor fountains. Another everyday use of rainwater is simple irrigation. Quite obviously, it is ideal for watering plants. Beyond this, you can wash old tires and other household items. You can conserve your water expenditure by using collected pails of rainwater for cleaning your cars and bikes. Try to think outside the box and see what else you can do with it that can improve the living conditions of the people, plants, and animals around you.

It is part of human nature to look for solutions, find ease in difficulty, and make something out of inconvenience. Storms and stormwater are no different. What can cause anxiety in some aspects might be consoling in others. What can destroy a house can rebuild another one. What can wash away old crops can be used to plant new ones. In a way, such processes can symbolize the strength and creativity of the human spirit. Despite the numerous storms that pass through our lives, we trudge on and innovate.

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