Renovation During the Pandemic: Reinventing Your Space for At-Home Activities

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Home improvements and modifications are now in vogue due to everyone’s need to work, learn, and do everything at home. Despite renovations being costly, remodeling your home is a necessary decision given that the pandemic is likely here to stay for a couple more years. For some households, it is crucial to make permanent home makeovers. With almost two years in quarantine, most people have fully adjusted to life during the pandemic, so much that there are already designated rooms and areas in their homes dedicated to studying, working, and physical exercise.

Despite having spaces devoted to your present needs, you can still improve your indoor lifestyle by creating more facilities and enhancing existing ones with the suggestions below.

Build Your Gaming Career in Your Recreation Room

Gaming is slowly branching out from simply being a hobby to a professional and lucrative career that people can pursue. If you enjoy playing video games and excel in them, you can improve your skills even more by setting up a gaming hub in one of the areas in your home. To set the atmosphere, you can build your gaming rig and choose ones equipped with LED lights. You can also turn the room into a fun recreational area by adding other gaming consoles and tabletop games.

Achieve a Fit Physique in Your Home Gym

This year, people have been collectively exploring different activities to kill the boredom that comes with the pandemic. The baking phase came first, followed by the need to grow plants and exercise to shed the extra pounds caused by endless gastronomic experiments. If you are part of the latter, you can turn your living room or bedroom into a home gym, which includes a treadmill for your cardio workouts. Though your workout situation is ideal, you can further enhance your regimen by adding more gym equipment and performing exercises in an isolated room.

Relaxing Nights in Your Garden

With you having to work, sleep, and eat at home, the relaxing place that used to be your sanctuary has suddenly vanished. Nonetheless, you can reclaim your haven with minor modifications. One perfect way to ease stress is by spending relaxing nights in your garden. You can use easy-to-set-up-and-store equipment, such as an above-ground pool, a fire bowl, and recliners so that you can enjoy night swimming, build a campfire, or bask in the morning sun. To make your garden space more durable and stylish, you can add fairy lights or protect your floors by installing a Life Deck coating system.

Workshop in Your Shed

Like the other fads spawned by the pandemic, creative projects also abound. Hence, if you want to try your hand in DIY crafts, why not transform your shed into a workshop? With a working desk, shelves, and a comfortable seat, you can plan and create within the confines of your shed. To work for long hours in comfort, you can install windows for optimum ventilation and lighting.

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Perform Car Repairs and Modifications in Your Garage

Since your vehicle is a way for you to reach destinations safely, especially in a pandemic situation where maintaining social distancing is necessary, it only fits for you to give your ride the proper care. Focusing on your projects is vital when working on your car, making your garage the best place for it. Considering that you’ll be using various tools and equipment during your maintenance and modification projects, you must install practical storage systems to keep your car essentials organized.

Home Theater in Your Basement

Thanks to over-the-top (OTT) platforms, you can enjoy streaming content across different devices. However, the thrill brought by watching movies in the theater remains unbeatable. To enhance your movie-watching experience, you can turn your basement into a cozy home theater. You can install a surround sound system, a flat-screen TV, and a projector to create an authentic theater atmosphere. Having a popcorn maker or a bar with drinks and movie house treats will add more to the ambiance.

Delicious Barbeque in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Given that you have been spending most of your time indoors since the pandemic began, you can create a delightful change in your quarantine lifestyle by enjoying your meals outdoors. By building an outdoor kitchen with a grill, you can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an open area and make every meal special. For a complete alfresco-style dining setup, you can assemble your dining set amidst your garden flowers and improve the whole situation with fun music. With this setup, you’re ready for different occasions, even spontaneous ones where friends and family come to visit.

Staying at home used to be a challenge, but now that the world is heading towards its second year in quarantine, everyone has more or less settled in comfortably. Still, it does not mean that boredom has vanished entirely. By modifying your house to suit your home quarantine needs, you get to keep yourself busy and enjoy fun activities without the risk.


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