Smart Budgeting: Know How Much You May Need to Pay For House Repairs

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Some houses tend to be very durable, but they can also become easily unlivable when they experience damage. This includes everything from broken pipes to cracked walls. The house still stands, but living inside it won’t be easy.

To be able to budget for your home repairs, here are some useful cost estimates for most of the common fixes you need to do:


One of the major repairs that will cost you a large amount of money is roof replacements. This usually involves a roofing company to tear off your old roof and installing a new one. This can cost you more than $10,000. The main part of this is the labor since it can be time-consuming and dangerous to take out the old roof and installing a new one.

The materials can also be expensive if you choose expensive materials. A good way to reduce your roofing costs, you can do it yourself. If you have the skills, you can drop roofing costs on the materials and only have to spend $2,000.

HVAC Systems

fixing HVAC unit

For a home to be comfortable, you need an HVAC system that is working properly. Keeping your house interior at a temperature where you aren’t sweating or freezing is pretty important. If you have to call the experts in heating and cooling system repair, then you will usually spend a few hundred dollars for simple repairs on your furnace or AC unit. The really expensive costs come up when you need to install something new. This usually involves buying a new unit, which can cost thousands of dollars already.

Installation fees can also be steep since you are paying for expertise. Expect to pay around $8,000 for a furnace or AC unit installation. If you want to reduce your expenses in this department, you should properly take care of your HVAC system with proper cleaning and regular inspections.


The essential part of your home that keeps it up is the foundations. A cracked foundation is a bad sign for you and you need to fix it quickly or risk having your house falling on you. The materials, tools, and labor costs of this can reach up to $40,000. The only way to lower costs is to prevent it from happening or catching it early. Even the most affordable foundation repairs can cost thousands of dollars.


Problems with your plumbing can cause significant water damage, which can raise the costs of repairs. But simple leaks can be caught early. If you manage to do so, you can reduce your expense to just a few hundred dollars. If left alone though, you can expect massive expenses as the leak becomes bigger and causes health and structural problems. All these can raise your expenses in the future. If you are good enough at plumbing, then you can fix some of the damage yourself.

Being a homeowner can get expensive if you are not careful. There are many expenses associated with owning a house and surprise bills such as repairs can hurt your budget. Being aware of repair bills and how to lower them can help ease the burden you face.

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