Style Options for Patio Roofs

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Patios are now a standard element of commercial and residential properties. This follows a realization of the benefits of outdoor living and the minimal indoor space in most properties. When designing your patio, you want to get maximum sunshine to not only lower our energy costs but also boost its interior look. This will mean making the right choice of roofing material and style.

The best choice for outdoor living areas is corrugated plastic roofing from a UK-based store. These roofs are durable, flexible, come in several colours, and are clear to allow the infiltration of maximum sunshine. The corrugated design increases the surface area for the collection of rainwater and the shedding of debris and water from the roof. The following are some style ideas you can adopt for your patio’s plastic roof.

Skillion Style Roofs

This style features a roof pitching in one direction, much like a lean-to roof. Skillion style roofs are available in mono-pitched and minimalistic designs. This means they do not meet at a mid-point. Other than their low cost, skillion roofs have several design variations to customize your patio’s roof to match your primary building. They are also the best choice for eco-conscious property owners since they allow the installation of solar panels.

Gable Roofs

These are pitched on either side and meet in the middle, much like a traditional house’s roof. Gable roofs are ideal for maximum protection from the sun and rain. This makes them suitable for patios in places with extreme weather conditions where too much exposure to the sun might prove harmful. Their pitch also makes it easy for snow and heavy rainfall to slide off your roof. Gable roofs can be attached to your primary structure or installed as freestanding roofs if the patio is separate. If your patio is large, you can opt for skillion roofs on both sides and a gable roof in the middle.

Dome-Style Roofs


These are curved roofs with no pitch at any point. They are an attractive covering for patios built just next to the swimming pool, and garden terraces. This is because they allow an unhindered view of these outdoor structures. Though dome-style roofs cost more to build compared to gable and skillion ones, they have more architectural details than the latter. Wave style roofs are made of overlapping segments of dome-style roofs. They are quite stylish and will make excellent additions for residential and commercial spaces aiming for a luxurious look.

Flyover Style Roofs

These will rise high above your patio and cover a large section of your outdoor space. The roofs are generally single-sided and large, making them perfect for those who have large patios. Flyover style roofs are costly but can be used to create dramatic design statements in your outdoor space.

The above roofing styles will all, fortunately, accommodate insulation to boost your patio’s comfort and energy-efficiency. Consider the manufacturer’s warranty for your plastic roofing when buying it. Though all dealers will have a warranty, remember that the warranty will differ based on the dealer’s reputation. Your safest choice is to buy the roof from a trustworthy dealer.

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