The Essential Keys to Creating Your Perfect Life

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There are so much uncertainty and conflicts going on in the world today. It is surprising to see some people still manage to make their lives easy. You would even say that “they’re living a perfect life.” At the same time, yours is like a dark lit room without a LED strip light remote. What if you find out that you can create the life you have always wanted? Yes, of course, you can! As the Law of Attraction says, “you attract what you think. What you think you become.”

So how can you get started? Before you go about it, you must first examine your intention and thoughts. Most importantly, you must determine what it is that you truly want. How can you create something if you don’t even know what you want to create in the first place? Evaluating your values and principles is of great significance here. Most people don’t realise that they sometimes act against their morals and values out of fear of being judged. That brings us to the first step to creating your perfect life.

Remember your truth

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? You have probably lost yourself along the way until you have completely forgotten the person you once were. You can still step into your truth and live it, but it’s not an easy process, particularly if your mind has been clouded and corrupted for so long. Start by acknowledging and accepting who you are. That includes your flaws and negative emotions. Remember that nobody’s perfect. We all have imperfections, and that’s okay.

Do emotional clearing

Everyone deals with some emotional wound. We are just humans, and we’ve experienced getting hurt. The problem begins when we are unable to release negative emotions. Let’s accept the fact that processing painful emotions is never easy. That is the reason why many bury their emotions alive. The thing is, it comes out in an uglier way later. Your negative emotions affect your present and future without you knowing it- that is according to psychologists. Because they are fear-based, they often sabotage wonderful relationships and opportunities. Always remember that all emotions are meant to be felt.

Change your belief

If you examine your beliefs today, how many of them are for you? Your beliefs drive your action. So if they are negative, you can also expect your life to be a failure. Transforming your life begins by changing your beliefs. Again, it’s never easy. Your experiences, environment, and the people around you have shaped your beliefs, which means that they are deeply rooted in your mind. However, by redefining them, you can dismantle them. Get rid of the ones that no longer serve you. Through positive affirmations, you can develop new positive beliefs. Practicing every day allows your mind to create new neural pathways until positive beliefs become your truth.

Be willing to change

Unless you are willing to change, creating your perfect life remains a thought. Your actions must match your thoughts. Just like what Nike says, “Just do it!” Sometimes no matter how hard it is, you have to do it, and it sure will pay off in the end. The steps you take need not be big. Even small actions can help you accomplish your goal. Every time you are tempted to go back to your old habits, choose the good ones. For instance, you have been trying to achieve a healthy weight, but you are presented with doughnuts and vegetable salad. Don’t go for the former. Temptations are always just around the corner, and you have the choice to resist.

Stay conscious

The best way to stay conscious is to ask yourself, “what am I thinking right now?” The fact is, most people run on auto-pilot. You may have heard about the subconscious mind that records and remembers everything. That’s the reason why you can drive without even thinking. Your actions and reflexes become automatic. But the downside is you become less conscious. Your subconscious can take over your conscious mind when you are about to make an important decision. Unfortunately, it’s based on your past experiences, which may not be true for your present situation. So if you believe that you have been half-asleep, snap yourself out of it. Practice mindfulness to start living in the now.

You can enroll in a yoga or meditation course. In the class, you will meet people who share the same interest and minds. They can help you stay focused and empowered, allowing you to create the life you desire.

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