Vital Things You Should Do Before Your Big Adventure

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Travel requires a lot from anyone, and it’s not just money. You have to make sure you are in the best state of health if you intend to travel anywhere, whether locally or abroad. Most people are concerned with prevention; they always consider the possible endemic diseases in the places they plan to visit. In many cases, they take medication and see their doctor for their vaccinations. But what most people don’t consider is the state of their general health, from their heart to their eyes.

Get a Checkup

See your doctor and check if you have some underlying medical condition before your big trip. Get a general checkup and ask your doctor for a medication you could bring with you in case you have chronic pain, allergies, or even a minor illness. If you need to correct your eyesight, get a Lasik procedure a few months before your trip. Some health conditions would not manifest any symptom, so it’s best to get a clean bill of health.

See Your Dentist

If you plan to go overseas for a long period, it’s best to visit your dentist so that they can check you for minor cavities and dental problems. Ask your dentist to fix it so it won’t become a serious problem later. Dental practices and technology might be different in the place you intend to visit, so make sure your dental health is secure before going off.

Get Travel Insurance

Most people consider this as a no-brainer, but some people think that the life insurance they have will be sufficient to cover any accident or injury during their trip. But when traveling overseas, sometimes your insurance provider might not cover the kind of accidents or treatments you might incur. Travel insurance could cover any accident during your trip. For example, if you suffer a non-fatal injury on a road accident, it could cover the costs for damage to the vehicle, the surgeon, and all of your hospital bills.


Get Vaccinated

If you intend to go to places where there are endemic diseases, it’s best to get the vaccination you need to prevent contraction. If you plan to go camping in the wild, bring other things some travelers might forgo: antivenom, bear spray, pepper spray, and even anti-bug spray. In many countries, vaccination isn’t enough. You need to make sure that your interaction with wild animals will be limited and not prolonged.

Locate Major Hospitals and Police

When traveling overseas, you need to know where and how to find the police and medical assistance. Find their emergency numbers and store them on your phone, so in case of any emergency, you know you can call them immediately. If you can, see a local doctor first and check if they have the kind of medication you need, or find the generic equivalent of that medication.

Go off on Your Big Adventure

It’s hard not to be excited when planning for a big trip. But do not let your excitement overtake your need for precaution, especially when it comes to your health. Even if you feel well, sometimes the best cure is prevention and preparation, especially when traveling overseas.

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