What You Can Do to Help Mitigate Climate Change

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One thing we can’t deny is the serious changes in the weather. It has become highly unpredictable. Floods, storms, hurricanes, and other weather events are stronger and more frequent. Everything and everyone else on the planet is affected, making it a must that we try and resolve the problem.

We may not be able to reverse all the damage done, but there is still hope. Many people want to mitigate climate change, and some are now taking action. But what can ordinary people like us do to help fight climate change?

Say yes to renewable energy

Renewable energy won’t run out, and the maintenance requirements are considerably lower. While it may have higher upfront costs, it eventually pays for itself. This is why more homeowners and business owners are saying yes to renewable energy. Many companies and organizations are now making a stand to provide more technology and projects that allow us to take advantage of this, such as the Coconino County wind energy project. If you have the funds and wants to enjoy all these perks, all you need to do is to make the switch.

Lessen your transport emissions

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), typical vehicles produce carbon dioxide emissions of up to 4.6 metric tons yearly. This means that the more you use your private vehicle, the more you contribute to air pollution. If replacing your car with a hybrid or electric car is not possible, you can choose to car-share or take public transit instead. You can also try healthier transport options such as walking or riding a bike to offset your transport emissions.

Make better food choices and habits

What you eat and how you obtain your food can also help advocate for the environment. Instead of buying everything from the market, you can try to grow your own fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, choose organic food from your local market. Choose food packed in minimal and eco-friendly packaging. Also, try not to waste any food and decompose all leftovers.

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Lower your water usage

Lowering the amount of water your household uses is also a good way to start living in favor of the environment. You can do this by choosing energy- and water-efficient appliances. Choose low-flow fixtures as these use much less water than your regular ones. Turn off the tap and shower when not in use. Fix leaky pipes, take shorter showers, and consider a water butt in cleaning and watering your plants.

Choose recreational activities that don’t waste energy

Oftentimes, our recreational activities make use of unnecessary energy. Instead of staying at home using energy to entertain ourselves, why not be mindful of how you enjoy life? Talk long walks, enjoy the beach, or spend time riding a bike around the park. There are lots of things you can do that doesn’t require you to waste energy.

You see, one does not need to shed thousands of dollars just to be part of the green movement. While some of the things on the list may require a considerable amount of investment, they usually pay themselves off, and more. It all depends on which one of these ideas you’re capable and comfortable doing. This only goes to show that one can help fight climate change even in our own little ways.

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