The Big and Little Annoying Things to Happen in Your House

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Owning a home is a huge responsibility. From mowing the lawn to paying your association dues, “adulting” has never been this hard. But there are other things that are annoying about being a homeowner. They sometimes make us want to get up, leave, and never return. Lucky you if you haven’t experienced being so annoyed at everything in your house. No wonder people are becoming obsessed with tiny house living.

Needing Repairs

Is there anything more annoying than needing a house foundation repair? You have to call a contractor and pay for their services. There are a million other things that you need to do when you need to repair a part of your home. That emergency fund that you have been saving? That won’t even be enough for your electricity and plumbing needs (easily the most expensive house repair).

Losing the Remote Control

Every homeowner has been through this. It’s probably the reason why smart home systems are being peddled by manufacturers. “Where’s the remote?” is a phrase that homeowners will utter a million times in their lifetimes. It is very annoying, but it’s a necessary evil of owning a home.

Unintentionally Creating a “Crap” Drawer

You know this kind of drawer, right? It’s a drawer of random crap that seems to pop in your life. Invitations? Put it in the drawer full of old lotto tickets, hair clips, scissors, envelops, batteries, phone chargers, takeaway menus, and many other things. You honestly want to fix this one day, but you’ve never gotten around to it.

Failing to Take Things to Charity Shops

In one corner of the room, there sits a pile of old clothes, shoes, and toys that you intend to donate to charity. Somehow, between shuffling the kids to school and meeting a deadline at work, you can’t seem to find the time to take these to charity. Your weekends are, of course, reserved for doing laundry.

Piling up Laundry

You promise yourself that you’ll do the laundry every week so that they won’t pile up on the floor like a small hill. The laundry basket is always full somehow, and when the laundry finally gets done, you’ll have to fold or iron them. This never-ending cycle is the most annoying thing that you have to face weekly.

Losing Things Without Reason

couple packing for a move

Have you ever lost things in the house that were just there literally a minute ago? You’ll never know what happened to these things. Have they been sucked by the Bermuda Triangle? Did you accidentally toss them in the trash?

Collecting Paper Trash

If only you can unceremoniously throw away every junk mail that comes in your mailboxes. Unfortunately, you have to take out the letter, read it, and decide whether to keep it or not. This process usually ends up with you having to dump the letter in a bedside drawer or a tiny box on your kitchen counter. One day, you’ll have to face the inevitability of categorizing these.

Your home should be your sanctuary. Addressing these annoying little things the moment they become apparent will save you a lot of time and money. Taking care of your home should be a family activity, too. Give every family member a task so that things will be kept organized.

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