When Is Home Maintenance Work Considered an Emergency?

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Many homeowners don’t really distinguish between regular home maintenance and emergency repairs. Only when something breaks in the house will they call a repairman to have it fixed. But here’s the problem: when you do this, you’ll have to spend more on the repair and labor costs. Because by the time you call the repairman, the problems have already escalated. The repairs needed will be bigger and more expensive.

But what types of home maintenance work can be considered emergencies? Does getting your WiFi cut an emergency? Not likely. If Netflix is unavailable, is that an emergency? It’s not that simple, of course. Home maintenance is more complicated, especially when it refers to electrical repair. Plumbing and electricity are the two things you should never ignore.


If the leak in your bathroom can be contained in a bucket, then that’s not likely an emergency. But if the water is leaking out of the pipes under your kitchen sink, then that constitutes an emergency. Water damage is a serious problem, especially if it’s causing a flood in your house. That is certainly an emergency and you should call a plumber immediately.

When this happens, turn off the main valve of the water immediately. Call a plumber. Move the important things away so the flood won’t get to them.


Another major emergency in the home is the loss of electricity or any electricity outage. If you’re the only one in your street without electricity, then call your provider to find out what’s wrong with your line. Turn off the main switch, too, because you want the flow of electricity to get into your system slowly once the power comes back on. Never try to fix electrical lines and outlets yourself. When it comes to electricity, the most that you can do is change the bulb. Anything more than that should be done by a competent electrician.

Failed electricity can cause fire and further damage to your lines and appliances. Whether it’s inside your house or outside the street, that’s a cause of concern and a reason to call an electrician. As a general rule of thumb, call an electrician at least once every year to make sure that everything is in order.

Heating and Air Conditioning

hvac cleaning and maintenance

A broken down heater during summer might not warrant an emergency. But if it breaks during the winter, then that’s a sure sign you have to call the maintenance man. When the HVAC systems suddenly don’t want to turn on, the problem can either be in your electrical circuit, the unit itself, or external factors. Of course, if you failed to pay your bills, it’s likely your power has been cut off, so check the other appliances if they are working.

For many, an HVAC system is something they can’t live without. How can you function in a home that’s sweltering under the heat of the sun? Or, how can you stay in a home where your bones are close to freezing? If these are the conditions you find yourself under, call the HVAC contractor immediately and have the system repaired.

Power Outage

Similar to electrical problems, a power outage constitutes an emergency. It either means you did not pay your bill or if the whole street also lost power, then there’s a problem with the electrical box. You can try to do these things first: reset the circuit breaker, reset the GFI breakers on the outlets, and check blown-out fuses.


Any sign of a gas leak should be addressed immediately. Turn off the valve, too, and get out of the house. That’s where you should call the maintenance. Gas leaks can be a cause of fire and explosion. A lot of these have already happened. You can see it on the news. You’ll recognize the smell immediately because it’s a bit like smelling rotten eggs. Inhaling gas can be poisonous to your health.


Is there a hole in your roof? When water gets into your roof and down your ceiling, it can cause an even bigger structural problem. It can weaken the beams of the ceiling. It can trickle down your walls. Watermarks will appear on your walls and affect the aesthetics of your home. You cannot simply ignore roof problems because it doesn’t affect you for now. This can blow out of proportion.


Finally, the presence of molds and mildew can cause havoc to your house and health. These presents strong smells that you cannot ignore. And not only that, you may suffer from respiratory problems, too. A water damage and pest control company can usually manage the presence of molds in a home.

Homeownership is a lot of responsibility and it’s not just the regular maintenance that you should be worried about. Its these emergency maintenance work that you should prepare for. At the very least, you should have in your speed dial a plumber, an electrician, and a general repairman for all your maintenance needs.

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