Why Kids These Days Are Unhealthy and Why Parents Are Somewhat to Blame

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You only want your kids to be happy and healthy. But merely having good intentions won’t already translate to desirable results. It is very easy to say you want your kids to healthy. But it is very hard to make sure you teach your kids healthy habits. This is especially true when you are both busy with your job, housework, and child care.

Most kids these days are unhealthy. This is despite the numerous tech innovations present that promises better health. Supplements, organic food, high-tech healthcare facilities, etc. mean nothing if you fail to adapt parenting habits that will instill healthy habits in kids.

If you want your kids to be happier and healthier, here are a few mistakes you need to stop making.

Failure to Instill Healthy Daily Routines

Most parents allow their kids to skip a healthy breakfast. Others let kids spend more time with their gadgets than their siblings and friends. Some parents allow kids to delay their trips to the doctor just because their kids said so.

Tiny, unhealthy habits that turn into everyday routines can have a huge impact on your kids’ future health. What you may think as a harmless habit can turn into a full-blown addiction or a health-threatening condition.  They will also fail to develop the soft skills necessary for a successful career.

It is best to instill healthy routines before it gets too late. It is easier to motivate kids to do what you want them to do by explaining your reasons. Knowing everyone is willing to make an effort to live a healthier lifestyle makes it easier for them to make adjustments.

Instead of simply making them eat breakfast, invite all family members living with you to eat a healthy meal with the little ones. Limit screen time and engage them in activities that will tickle their imagination. When it comes to doctor’s visits, prepare them before the big day.

Aside from their yearly checkups and vaccines, don’t forget to introduce the little kids to the dentist. They can help in maintaining the kid’s oral health and convince kids to take better care of their pearly whites. They can even refer you to a local orthodontist if orthodontic treatment is needed.

Investing in Processed Than Organic Food

Fast food and junk food are an easy way to ensure the kids are fed. But these don’t provide all the necessary nutrients kids need to grow up healthy and strong. Eating these types of food in moderation is okay but not recommended.

Instead of eating out or ordering take out, choose to prepare home-cooked meals. You may not have the luxury of the time eat different kinds of healthy meals each day. But you can always prepare tasty recipes you can freeze and reheat at least once a week.

Invest in organic food and teach your kids healthier food choices by taking them grocery shopping. Don’t give in to all of their food requests unless these are all considered healthy. There are many healthy snacks you buy and prepare at home that don’t have much salt, sugar, and preservatives on them.

Consider growing a vegetable garden. Include the kids in your gardening routine. They will start appreciating nature and organic food.

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Mostly Keeping Kids Indoors

Kids deserve more time outdoors to run, play with friends, and bask in sunshine. But for most kids, they will choose to stay indoors more. The sad thing is, their parents are okay with that.

You may be thinking about their safety and would rather allow their gadgets to babysit them instead of letting them play outdoors. But then kids won’t be able to get their daily exercise and can’t build real meaningful relationships by using gadgets alone. Let kids burn their energy but make sure you keep an eye on them.

Let them play in playgrounds and engage in outdoor activities with friends. Take them to community gardens and introduce them to volunteer work. Who knows? They might actually enjoy the outdoors, appreciate your willingness to spend more time with them, and even accidentally learn about a new passion.

Embracing Negativity and Showing Kids Negative Self-talk

Your kid’s mental health matters just as much as their physical health. You can try all methods to boost their confidence and to motivate them to pursue their passion. But if their biggest role models, aka their parents, don’t practice what they preach, all your teachings will go down the drain.

Start by loving and being kinder to yourself. Stop indulging in negative talks and negativity. Radiate positivity, and be responsible and hardworking.

The more you show your kids how to be healthy and happy, the easier it will be for them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Don’t simply ditch your old habits. Embrace healthier ones with your kids and make it a journey worth remembering.

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