A Busy Family’s Guide to Staycations that are Affordable

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Vacation, as studies have shown, is essential for every person to stay healthy and happy. One of the main reasons is vacations of any kind allow us to remove ourselves from our responsibilities. Thus, giving us a moment where we can unwind and destress. It’s much better if we go on trips with our families because there’s an added benefit of strengthened bonds.

However, not everyone can go on the occasional trip. Some of us have too busy of a schedule for it to be possible to get away from work for extended periods. All isn’t lost, though, considering the avenues we can take to bring together our families through a pseudo vacation or “staycation,” as it’s known in recent times.

On-Site Camping “Trip”

Salt Lake City is home to various types of housing, one of which are single-family homes with large backyard spaces. Nature loving households living in this type of house don’t need to go out of town to have a camping trip.

First, setting up tents near or around outdoor fire pits in Salt Lake City helps emulate the feel of a campsite. It can be pushed further by cooking meals over a fire, with the help of wooden planks like cedar or hickory. Roasting mallows to combine with chocolate and graham crackers is possibly the best way to finish off the night.

Fort Movie Marathon

Going to the movies with the family is an enjoyable experience, but this doesn’t take away that it can be expensive. If the household isn’t picky, staying at home and streaming a title from Netflix or Hulu can be done as well.

Even better, younger children can get help from their parents and other siblings to build a fort. This warm and cozy environment, partnered with freshly made and undeniably less expensive popcorn, is the best setting for the family to get together.

Local Food Trip

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Food can help bring families together, much more food that is exceptionally made. Regardless of where one lives in Utah, there are likely restaurants and hole-in-the-walls to be discovered. Parents can research guides online to find the best places to bring their families.

Going on food trips is also a great way of introducing children to other cultures, considering the explosion of foreign cuisines in recent times.

If a restaurant-hopping trip isn’t feasible, the family can spend the day cooking different dishes that everyone can enjoy. Doing so allows the children to participate and teaches them house responsibilities, too.

Family Game Nights

Getting into the competitive spirit can help anyone forget about their responsibilities, if only for a few moments. That is why the occasional family game nights are one of the best ideas for families doing staycations.

Healthy rivalry can be cultivated in this scenario, especially with board games like Monopoly or The Game of Life. At the same time, mentorship can be honed in family members that need to teach the young ones about the rules so that they can participate in the fun, too.

Staycations, or any vacation, don’t have to be expensive or grand for it to be enjoyable. Everyone only has to enjoy themselves for the staycation to be classified as a success.

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