Adventure Time: Five Activities That Should Be on Your Bucket List

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Even the most reserved people need to have avenues to experience thrilling moments once in a while. Otherwise, life would just be a routine of sleeping, eating, and working. What kind of life would that be and what kind of person enjoys that life?

Having goals that may seem out of this world is a good thing because it’s a sign that you seek more from life than mundane activities cannot provide you. That being said, here are five activities that can excite even the most thrill-seeking individual:

Backpacking across States or Continents

Traveling on your own across states or to a foreign continent may not look as exciting as it sounds, but if you give it a chance, then you might be in for a surprise. Backpacking is one way to travel within a limited budget, but it gives you an experience of a lifetime that you may never encounter otherwise.

You can familiarize yourself with local cultures and become more flexible as a person because you’ll be forced to live within your means for the time being. This means exploring uncharted territories in your own time and meeting a lot of new people on the way.

Going on a backpacking trip can also change the way you look at and value life. One of the main reasons for this is because you have been exposed to different cultures and walks of life. That’s not something that you can get from watching adventures through a screen; you’ll have to experience those first-hand.

Climbing Mountain Peaks

The mere idea of climbing a mountain until its peak already sounds exhausting. You may not see the value that this activity can add to your life until you try it; plus, you’ll need to be physically and mentally prepared to tackle this kind of journey.

But reaching the highest peak after hours or days of hiking can be worth the exhaustion once you witness the magnificent view from the top. Not only is it a feat in itself, but it’s also a big accomplishment for you, knowing that you managed to climb a mountain with your strength and determination.

Once you successfully climb to the top, you’ll understand why there are people who are willing to risk their lives just to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. It’s both a challenge to your physical capacity and mental capability because that’s a lot of hours with only your thoughts to accompany you.

Skiing on Slopes


Although this activity is only limited to places perpetually covered in snow, skiing is something that you have to experience at least once in your life. Besides the fact that you can finally put your Descente ski pants to good use, skiing is a thrilling sport that poses a lot of benefits.

Skiing down slopes is both good for your body and mind because it removes you from the daily stress you get from day-to-day activities. And because you’re using your entire body to balance yourself on skis using your poles, you’re engaging your core as well as improving your posture — all great ways to combine exercise and fun during winter.

Skydiving Out of a Plane

You’ll be lying if you say you’ve never imagined what it will be like to jump off a plane with only a parachute on your back. Or to have the ability to fly like a bird as your superpower. This is because it’s so exhilarating just to even think of the possibility.

Fortunately, skydiving is a sport that can let you experience what it’s like to not be grounded by gravity and free-fall through the skies. It’s an extremely thrilling experience that you have to try at least once. So let go of your inhibitions and allow the winds to carry you to the drop zone.

Surfing the Waves

If the vast depth of the seas and whatever lies underneath the surface scares you, then surfing might not be for you. But if you want to experience riding the waves with just yourself and your board, then consider visiting the great surfing spots in your country to learn the sport.

Surfing is a great sport that takes immense patience and determination to learn, but once you do, nothing can stop you from riding the waves anymore. You can enjoy surfing alone or with your friends and family; plus you can get health benefits because it engages your entire body.

One of the biggest reasons why people seek thrills is because they pose a certain level of danger or risk to their life. That alone is enough to ignite the excitement in a thrill-seeker’s heart because life is too bland without dabbling in dangerous activities once in a while.

This is not to say that there are no safety measures to be taken while doing these risky activities because they all have precautions and rules. But the thrill lies in the uncertainty that things can go wrong despite all the preventive measures you take to avoid it.

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