Bachelor Pad Basic: Things a Bachelor Should Have in His Pad

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After graduating and getting a new pad, bachelors typically have no idea what they need for their homes aside from the basic appliances. While they may share an apartment with some friends, more often they’ll end up staying at a one-room apartment in the middle of the city even if there are to work from home by their company.

Here are some items a bachelor can get for his pad.


The kitchen may already have a full-size refrigerator where all the food is stored. But a bachelor may need a minifridge in the living room or the garage where the bachelor hangs out with friends while watching a game or two.

The minifridge means that he will not miss any second of the action when he needs to get beer for everyone. Keeping the refreshments close by makes sense, especially when the game is close. Additionally, the minifridge allows him to have additional storage space for beer and other refreshments.

LED Television

An LED television is something that a bachelor should have in the living room. It should be the biggest model he can afford. If he can afford a 110-inch flat-screen, then he should get one for his pad. There’s nothing like watching sports or a movie on a huge screen in the living room.

He can put the television on a stand at eye level to avoid getting neck pains after watching television for hours. But he can also mount it on the wall since it can add to the living room’s appeal. He can also connect it to a sound system to complete his bachelor pad’s home theater system.


A sectional is a sofa that is made up of sections that can be used as individual chairs. Having a sectional in the living room allows the bachelor and his friends to enjoy the massive LED television mounted on the wall.

Besides sitting on it while watching a game or movie, the bachelor can also use the sectional to stretch out on a lazy weekend afternoon. It’s also great as an extra bed if someone stays over for the night. Additionally, they can serve as extra seats for visitors when there’s a party at the pad.

Aside from the sectional, the bachelor can also get some throw pillows for the sectional. A beanbag or two can also enhance the ambiance of the living room. The bachelor can also add more items that fit his personality in the living room.

Bedroom Furniture


In the bedroom, the bachelor will likely have a bed with some sheets and pillows. But the bachelor can also get an extra set of bedroom items in case he brings the sheets to the laundromat on wash day. So, he needs to get a couple of white sheets, sleeping pillows, and a good-quality blanket.

He can also look for Euro pillows and a down comforter for the bedroom. A duvet set is also useful for the comforter. The bed itself will also look great if it has a headboard. Aside from added support for the bed, it also protects the walls of the bedroom from abrasions. The headboard also reflects the bachelor’s personality depending on its design.

A dresser for the clothes and a pair of nightstands are also great things to have in the bedroom. The bachelor can also opt to get two small dressers if he isn’t keen on getting one big dresser. The nightstand is a great place to put his phone before he goes to sleep. He can also put a lamp on the nightstand in case he needs some light to check something without having to stand up to reach the light switch of the bedroom.

To ensure the bedroom stays cool during those hot summer nights, the bachelor should make sure the air conditioning unit is working fine. If anything’s wrong with the unit, it’s best to find a good HVAC contractor to work on the air conditioning unit.

Dinnerware and Glassware

The bachelor should also get a good set of dinnerware and glassware for the kitchen, along with a flatware set. While he may have survived college without any of these, living the life of a professional means getting these things.

At the least, the bachelor should have something he can use in case he’s inviting his bosses over for a steak dinner. He should have some mugs, plain clear glasses, kitchen and dining room utensils, and white dishes.

A bachelor’s life isn’t as fun as college due to his responsibilities he didn’t have when he was still studying. But it’s his first step towards living a life as a responsible adult.

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