4 Outdoor Man Cave Ideas to Try If You’re in Need of More Personal Space

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Gone are the days when man caves are restricted to basements and attics. With the ongoing pandemic boosting people’s desire for fresh air and sunlight, outdoor man caves are becoming increasingly popular. Establishing your personal space in your backyard for safely hanging out with a few friends (while following health protocols) or simply working on a personal project comes with plenty of benefits.

Regardless if you’re quarantining with five people or you’re by yourself, you’ll find that creating this new hub will promote activity and, therefore, better health. You’ll find a safe way to get the outdoor time you need and step away from your usual routine. Who knows? Maybe in this new normal, you’ll be able to cultivate new hobbies, finish long-overdue projects, and enjoy improved peace of mind thanks to your personal sanctuary.

Don’t know where to start? Here are four ideas you should definitely consider.

Man Cave Idea 1: Workshop

DIY projects are all the craze nowadays. If you’ve wanted to dust off your power tools and polish your skills, why not transfer your workshop from the garage to the backyard. Constructing your very own workshop may very well be your first project.

While a garage may work just fine with you, it often doesn’t let you get away with using all your tools and storing them properly. Most houses use it as an extended storage space. On the other hand, a backyard workshop lets you do any project you want in an environment conducive to it. You can finally install that wall-length pegboard for your tools that you’ve always wanted, and if you feel like enjoying fresh air while you work, you can always do so comfortably under the shade of retractable rolling awnings. Installing one is a simple and effective way to extend your territory without additional work or investment.

Man Cave Idea 2: Game Room

Do you desperately need time off from work? Stepping out of the house and into a man cave that’s designed to be your dream game room can be an instant de-stressor. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type to play Xbox, computer games, table games, or board games. Set up your equipment and establish the atmosphere by adding lighting, surround sound speakers, and appropriate decor. Mix old with new by installing a slot machine or billiards table on the other end of the room, right across your gaming console. The best part? You can finally spend time with your buddies without risking your safety.

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Man Cave Idea 3: Home Gym

Converting your living room daily into a home gym can be inconvenient. If you miss the atmosphere of a commercial gym and you’re intent on getting physically fit from home, why not turn your man cave into your personal gym? The added perk of doing this is that you can outfit it with new equipment at your own pace. Perhaps you feel like starting with just a treadmill and some weights. From there, you can continually improve your gym as your workout routine evolves.

Do you feel like working out under the sun? Just step out of your man cave into your backyard, or outfit it with a huge window to let in natural light. Because you’re perfectly in control of your environment and you’re actively investing in your fitness, there’s a better chance that you’ll stick to your workout schedule this time.

Man Cave Idea 4: Themed Bar or Grill

At this point in the pandemic, everybody misses dining out with their family and friends. The solution? Recreate your favorite grill or bar in your man cave and invite a couple of people over. This is in your backyard can help you practice health protocols and therefore feel safer in your small gathering.

Outfit your man cave with themed lighting, restaurant decor, and stylish furniture. You don’t have to buy everything all at once. Continually improve your man cave by taking note of what makes the experience more convenient and fun for you. The next time you feel like taking a break from home life, step out into your outdoor sanctuary and enjoy a drink.

Find What Works For You

There’s no limit to what your man cave could be. Turn it into your own art gallery, dance studio, or home office. What’s important is that you make it into a space where you feel comfortable doing what you love without fear of being disturbed by your housemates. And since this is all your own, feel free to convert it from one thing to another to cater to your needs. After all, you owe it to yourself to feel happy and content especially in these tough times.

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