DIY Home Maintenance: Kill More Time in Quarantine

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Your home needs a little touch-up. But due to the pandemic, professional renovations are impossible, if not difficult, to schedule. Even with several parts of the country moving out of the COVID-19 lockdown, it might feel like your home maintenance has to be on pause. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Some rules might relax as time goes on. Eventually, you can go out to have your Dyson repaired. You can also have professionals work in your home, but you must exercise caution. If you want to be 100 percent safe, you might as well perform the maintenance yourself.

So how can you DIY maintenance, repair, and even renovation considering that it’s just you and you don’t have all the raw materials and power tools needed?

Fix What’s Broken

First, assess your home and find what’s broken. Are there unhinged windows? A leaking faucet? A broken tile? Start your DIY home renovation by fixing fixtures that have been broken for a long time. Fortify rusted steel or old wood with a trust hammer and nails. If you need a new showerhead or facet, tightening some pipes here and there can hold your faucets together until you can get an expert to work on them.

Bring Some Light In

Enhance your space by bringing in more natural light. Apart from improving the atmosphere of your home, natural light also helps you save more on electricity during the day.

Since you’re spending more at home, find sections of your house that need more light. If you have sections that were boarded-up, turn them into windows. Before you open up a wall, make sure it’s secured with steel grilles.

Rearrange the Furniture

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You don’t have to buy expensive artwork or furniture to make a statement. Transforming a space means a new ‘perspective’ aka a new arrangement. Move around the furniture to bring a new look to a ‘stagnant’ room.

For example, simply pushing the sofa backward and adding two couches in front can make your living area look cozier.

Convert Corners Into Storage Spaces

Tired of the mess and clutter? Check out any room or corner you can transform into storage spaces. Most likely, you have plenty of unused spaces. Use these free spaces for sandals, shoes, bags, and backpacks. Hang hooks for the kids to place their bags and boxes for the shoes.

Personalize Your Spaces

If you’re unable to buy new wallpaper or paint, add personality to a room with simple crafts like handmade photos or art. If you have children, use your kids’ artwork. Hang them on the walls or display them on your fridge. If you’re a movie buff, display your favorite concert of movie posters to personalize your space.

Secure Your Home

Without a crisis or not, your home should always be secure. Check your front gate, test your locks, and search for weak spots at home. Is your door still sturdy enough? Are your locks in good condition? Secure your home by putting more locks in the door or adding safety precautions (e.g., broken glass and barbwire).

The lockdown need not keep you from refreshing your home’s appearance. Kill more time during the quarantine season with some DIY home renovation projects.

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