How to Make Your Travel Life Easier with These DIY Travel Projects

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Planning a trip can be challenging, even more so due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Planning was already essential, but nowadays, you need to be thorough and consider many things before you travel. Hence, you need the basic equipment to make your travel life a lot easier and more fun.

If you like to hit the roads regularly and visit a new destination, you are in the right place. This post will enlist a few easy-to-make DIY projects that will make your travel life easier.

Are you a frequent traveler? If yes, this list of simple DIY projects will prove to be a treasure for you. Here are some DIY ideas for essentials that you can carry along while traveling.

1. Table barbecue

Almost all the hotels and villas provide a barbecue pit nowadays. But suppose you are making the bookings late and the only hotels with available vacancies are the ones that do not offer a barbecue. Well, there’s nothing to worry about as you can easily create your pit and carry it along. All you need is the materials metal braces, cinder blocks, measuring tape, and dry mortar. You will need welding materials to weld everything together so that you can carry it.

Once you have the materials ready, start by laying the gravel, fix the mortar, and then lay the cinder blocks. Now, add metal braces and start with the welding process. Ensure complete safety while welding. If you are not a pro in welding, you can use the solutions provided by TIG Brush. The solutions allow you to divide the process into three easy steps. Once the welding is complete, you can take your table barbecue anywhere to enjoy the sizzling food.

2. Passport holder

Passports are essential to carry for international travel. However, putting them in your bag packs can lead to embarrassment in the customs line as they become hard to find.

Creating a passport holder is very easy. All you need is the fabric you want to use a little sewing knowledge. You can also use leather punches to give your leather passport holder a unique touch by punching your favorite travel quote.

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3. Camera float

Going to a beach destination? You might want to save your waterproof camera from dipping inside the water body and being forever lost. A DIY camera float can help you with this. You will need scissors, a pool noodle, a clip, paracord, and a lighter.

Loop the paracord and push it through the pool noodle and then put the other end through it. Create a small incision on one end of the pool noodle and put the cord in it. Lastly, tie the clip on the loose end to adjust the length of the camera float.

4. Sleep masks

If you can’t go to the dreaming world readily, sleep masks are a great companion for you. With these masks, you can easily keep the daylight out to fight against jet lack. Cut your freezer paper in the right size and iron it on the fabric you want to use. Next, put the freezer paper and the fabric in the printer.

You can select any fabric and design according to your preference. Once the print is out, put them all together and stitch everything. Don’t forget to flip the mask and do a little stitching to close to the seam on the inner side.

5. Lettered bottles

Drinking water is essential during travel, even more so if you are going to a hotter region and your trip involves a lot of walking and outdoor time. Well, you can now take along with you your cute little lettered bottles. All you need is a vinyl sheet, transfer paper, a smoothing tool, a water bottle, and a .jpg image of the word you want to print.

Cut out the vinyl in the shape of the word you want to print and then remove all the extra materials. Next, cut the transfer paper in the same size and stick it on top of the vinyl sheet. Now, peel off the lining and lift the transfer paper. Lastly, stick the paper firmly on the bottle and press down to smoothen the words with your nails.

The travel industry has come to a halt due to the pandemic. In fact, the impact of the crisis is even more than that of 9/11. However, the restrictions are now lifted, and traveling to some destinations is now allowed. But there’s still the need to take precautionary measures. Hence, it is best to craft the essentials on your own. It ensures that you are not at risk of being impacted by the corona virus due to shared essentials. The DIY projects listed in this post will help you craft some essentials on your own and eliminate the need for buying them at the airport or from other sources.

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