Tiny House, Huge Benefits: Is It Right for You?

tiny house
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Let’s face it: rent is never going to get any cheaper. The national average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is now 3.07% higher than the previous year. Spending that amount of money every month feels like you’re investing in your landlord and not in yourself. With the rising costs of everyday expenses, the path to owning personal property is an arduous task.

However, there is an alternative movement sweeping the nation. Owning a tiny house is a stylish choice that offers an escape from inflated rent prices and allows you to become a homeowner. It fits all the essentials of a home into a tight area typically ranging between 100 and 300 square feet. There are considerable benefits of living in such a small space, and Americans everywhere make the change.


The recent trend for a building is to make everything bigger and larger. In the United States, newly built homes have larger average square footage than any other country in the world. The hustle culture prevalent in the country convinces people to dedicate every waking hour to work towards a goal. Many people are exhausted from attempting to reach this unsustainable and unrealistic measure of success. This is why more and more Americans are adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

Owning a tiny house is a minimalist utopia. The small space asks you to reassess your life regarding personal belongings, separating what is essential and merely clutter. Stripping down excess allows a life with fewer distractions, allowing homeowners to focus on what’s really important.

Financial responsibility


A major perk to owning a tiny home is that it is less expensive in the long run. The primary gatekeeper is the initial cost to finance the house. You can opt to go all-in and complete the payments at once or choose to pay monthly at an average of $150. After that, it is all yours, debt-free. It is the intelligent and frugal choice to invest in a simple property you can call your own compared to paying monthly rent at a drastically higher cost.

You can’t just erect a house whenever and wherever you feel like it. Depending on whether you want a place built on a foundation or wheels, there will be different local jurisdictions and zoning laws. Conduct your own research to know if there are any additional expenses. You have to go through a few hurdles at the start, but once you’re done, it will be all worth it.

Environmental sustainability

People these days are more conscious about how their actions affect the environment. Homeowners who join the tiny-house movement are also significantly lowering their impact on the environment. According to a study exploring the ecological footprint of tiny home homeowners, we could save around 366 million acres of biologically productive land if 10% of Americans downsized their homes.

Having less space means that you consume less stuff and energy; this reduces your carbon footprint dramatically. Living in a smaller home certainly helps, but it’s still up to the individual to do their part. If you were already considering moving into a tiny house, chances are you consume 54% less than the average American.

Full customization

home improvement

Finding pre-built apartments can lead to a few compromises on your part. There is a slight chance that you will find an apartment that suits and caters to all your needs and wants. You may have to compare what one apartment has and what another doesn’t, as well as other factors such as location and rent.

When building a tiny house, you will have a say in the whole designing process. You can choose to work with a home repair specialist for a professional touch, or—if you’re crafty and competent enough— you can even build it yourself! Customizing the small space for function and form requires both an artistic and logical mind. It is a rewarding home-building project with unique challenges compared to a traditional home.


If you opt for a house built on wheels, you can roam around different cities and states. There are numerous areas on where to park for the night, such as tiny house communities, RV parking stations, and camping grounds and parks. You get the benefits of traveling and the convenience of your home!

Owning a tiny home is a commitment to a minimalist lifestyle. It comes with great perks at the cost of space. With the cost of owning property these days, it can seem like a pipedream to most people. Luckily, this is an excellent way to owning your own property.

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