Four Often-forgotten Necessities When You Travel

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If you’re a type-A personality, this is probably not something you need to read. You’re most likely ahead of everyone else when it comes to preparation and organization. Now if you’re the opposite of a type-A personality, then it’s in your best interest to read on, most especially if you’re planning to travel soon.

Traveling has become a habit for most people. It being a habit to most people does not mean most people get their travel preparations on point each time. It’s a very common scenario to be on a plane careening down the tarmac and ready for takeoff, and then suddenly realizing that you’ve forgotten something. Something important that is. But now there’s nothing you can do about it. So you bite your tongue hoping that whatever you’ve forgotten won’t ruin your trip.

As a reminder, here are often-forgotten travel essentials you must take note of.

1. Photocopies of official travel documents

It’s not enough that you have your passport with you. You need to have at least one photocopy of your passport’s biometrics page. For further security, also take a picture of it on your phone and save it on the cloud. This way, in case you lose your passport, you still have proof of citizenship to show to embassy staff at the city you’re in or the immigration personnel at the airport.

The same goes for visas. These days a good number of countries provide visas that are not attached to the holder’s passport. These downloadable visas are printed out on a separate paper. Make sure to have backup copies of your visas too, in both printed and digital formats.

2. Allergy medicine

Travel can exacerbate allergies. So if back home you are constantly plagued by, for instance, allergic rhinitis, chances are when you reach your travel destination you will have worsened attacks. That’s because your immune system is not familiar with the allergens present in new locations.

Be wary of visiting places in bloom. Springtime is allergy time. So if your vacation coincides with this season, you must be extra cautious.

Make sure to bring enough supply of antihistamines or any prescription drugs your doctor has recommended. Keep in mind that allergic attacks are not to be taken lightly. They can lead to serious harm and even death. Now, who wants to die while traveling? That’s probably the lamest decision you will ever do in your life.

3. Extra cash

tourists paying cashYes, you only live once. Sure, traveling is not just for the affluent. You can travel with a shoestring budget and still have the time of your life. Enjoying the many benefits of traveling does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

But you can’t do without emergency funds as well. Ideally, you travel with enough cash for your travel expenses, and enough backup funds should contingencies happen. For example, if you lose your phone on the first day of your vacation, you’d want to be able to purchase a new one, even the most basic smartphone, for documentation.

Now, if you’re traveling for the long haul, you can also work in the places you linger in to replenish your funds. In Australia and New Zealand, for instance, you can work in construction and earn as much as $3,000 per month. There are filter plate manufacturing companies that will gladly hire temporary workers, too.

4. Travel insurance

On top of contingency funds, you need travel insurance. Unfortunately, many travelers do not purchase travel insurance. That might explain those pictures of western backpackers begging for money that went viral a couple of years ago.

Travel insurance affords you peace of mind. You know that should something unfortunate happen, you are covered. Should you need to book a long-haul flight due to an emergency, you won’t need to sell a kidney.

Traveling is the most fun a person can have without taking their clothes off. That’s to paraphrase a song from Panic! at the Disco and this little trivia is beside the point. The point is you must be extra careful when preparing to travel, especially if you’re flying overseas.

Sure, the whole preparation’s quite exciting, so it’s just normal that you miss out on some details. But missing out on certain details can easily spell the difference between the best vacation ever and one straight from hell.

So make a checklist. It won’t take too much of your time. Show your checklist to your travel buddies, so they can see if you’ve missed an item or two. Ponder on that checklist for a couple of days and once you’re a hundred percent sure you’ve covered everything, start assembling your luggage. Now, have fun on your next travel.

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