How to Maintain a Relationship with Your Kids When You Travel for Work

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It is not easy being apart from your baby but, parents have to work. Raising a child, after all, is not cheap.

The United States Department of Agriculture, in a 2015 report, revealed that to raise a child, a household will spend $12,980 per year. To raise a child born in 2015 through the age of 17, a middle-income family will have to spend $23,610 on food, shelter, and other necessities.

Many adults, especially dads, despite having a baby at home, have no choice but to leave for work.

The situation is more difficult for parents whose jobs include frequent traveling. The cross-country journeys leave these parents with barely any time to bond with their children. They miss special milestones in the lives of their children. Moreover, they find it more difficult to build a strong relationship with their children.

When children have a close relationship with their fathers, they grow up healthy; they tend to avoid high-risk behaviors, end up with stable relationships, and have better-paying jobs. They also are more likely to have higher IQ test scores by the age of 3.

A father’s presence while growing up leaves a positive and lasting impact on the child’s growth and development.

Establishing a Routine

Having a parent away on business is difficult for everyone involved. It is difficult for the parent who has to be left at home and juggle childcare with household chores. It is difficult for the child who will miss their father. And, it is difficult for the parent on a business trip because they are away from home.

There needs to be normalcy and consistency for everyone involved. The parent can maintain a connection to the home. The child can have a happy, healthy, and typical childhood.

Thanks to the internet, dads can communicate with their children in real time. They can FaceTime before bed or chat through iMessage throughout the day. The parent and child can exchange photos and videos from where they are, what they are doing, and whatnot.

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The father should, of course, try not to miss special occasions. They can buy adorable baby boy clothes online and have them sent to your house.

Stability can really help. Try to create a schedule throughout the day. Learn the time difference so that you would know to call at night to read to your children before they sleep.

Make Goodbyes Easier

Your family does not have to be a crying mess every time you leave home. Prolonging your departure and showing how anxious or guilty you feel to go away will only make parting difficult for everyone, especially your children. Try to make the process easier by keeping your emotions in check days before your departure and, when you get to the airport, kiss your children on the cheek and a hug. Tell them that you will be back soon and then leave.

Tell Them About Your Trip

On the other hand, for your return, drum up excitement. Your kids will want to hear all about your trip. Spend around 15 to 20 minutes with each child when you arrive home. Ask them about school, their friends, and their hobbies, too.

And, do not forget the chocolates and souvenirs.

Making your arrival fun and positive will make your departure less difficult for your children. You also get to create good memories of their childhood, not associate your travels with sadness and fear.

Avoid Being a Helicopter Parent

When you are anxious about whether you are spending enough time with your loved ones, it can be effortless to go over the top. Parents begin calling their children too frequently, asking them about their activities or their academic performance. They demand more attention, preventing their child from living their own life.

Connecting to your child often will only make your absence more difficult. The child will feel that as if you are nagging, and they will feel resentment toward you and your line of work.

If your kids can contact you all the time, you also would not have time to do your work. There should be a boundary set for everyone’s sake. More calls and text messages throughout the day would not help build a close relationship between parent and child. Trust that your partner and your child will do what is right.

It will be difficult for any parent to leave their children at home, especially when they are still so young. However, it is not impossible to be a parent from afar. As long as everyone is willing to work on it, your children will have a healthy and happy childhood.

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