Surviving a Power Outage: What to Do When the Lights Go Out

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Our lives rely heavily on having electricity. The lights, your heating and cooling system, and a lot more all stop when the power goes out. An electrical disruption can put your day-to-day habits and routines on pause. There are many possible reasons why you may not have electricity at home.

Call a Professional

When the light goes out, check to see if your neighbors still have electricity. If they do, then the problem must be isolated inside your home. The first thing you must investigate is your main fuses or circuit breakers. They might have blown or tipped, causing the power outage.

However, do not attempt repairs on your own. Call electrical contractors in Salt Lake City to fix the problem for you and restore electricity. It is not an element to play with. If handled incorrectly by someone who does not have ample training, it can cause a bigger problem. A bad wiring, for example, can cause a house fire. Meanwhile, being exposed to a live electric current might kill you.

If your entire neighborhood has gone dark, then report the incident to your electric supplier. They will send a lineman to your area to address the problem. Meanwhile, unplug all your home appliances until the power returns. Your microwave, television, personal computer, refrigerator, and others might experience voltage surges. Leave one light on so that you will know when the electricity has been restored.

What to Avoid

Even if the night is cold, do not use gas ovens or portable propane for indoor heating. These devices use oxygen to fan the flame. When you turn them on inside a house, it might use all the breathable air and create carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas that can kill you and your family. For the time being, dress in layers to keep yourself warm.

Extended Power Outage

electricianIf your power has not gone back nor is not expected to return in the next couple of days, then you should bring out flashlights and candles. Although you do not plan to go out at night, you will need a source of light to go about your daily routines like making food or reading.

However, do not leave a candle unattended. Use a candle holder and place it away from windows that have curtains or anything that might catch a flame. If you have a standby generator, install it and wire it properly. A generator that is not correctly set up might be damaged or pose a danger to your home.

For long-term power outage, you should also prepare basic first-aid supplies, battery-operated radio, a solar charger for your phone, and a supply of food and water. Often, a natural disaster causes a power outage, so you better be ready to stay inside your home until the authorities tell you that it is safe to go out.

Do Not Panic

The most important thing you must do in the event of a power outage is to be calm. There is no sense in panicking. Light a candle and find a way to entertain yourself. Gather your children in the living room and play a board game. Treat the power outage as a way for you and your family to bond together instead of a stressful situation.

A power interruption is normal. If it was caused by a natural disaster, follow the instructions given by the authorities. Stay home if they tell you to or be prepared to evacuate when you need to. If the outage is caused by a much simpler issue, call an electrician, sit back, and wait for the lights to go back on.

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