Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Tips That Can Lower Your Electric Bills

Home maintenance
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You make sure to turn off your home appliances when not in use to conserve energy, but why is your electric bill still skyrocketing? There are still some things you can do to lower the money you spend on utility without making any major changes, one of which is to perform home maintenance tasks that you might have been putting off.

When was the last time you checked your HVAC?

Man repairing airconditioner

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system works hard. It keeps your family cool when the weather is hot. It works days and night to warm you when it is freezing cold outside.

Your heating and cooling system accounts for a huge portion of your electricity. That is why you must make sure that it is working properly through regular inspection by a professional.

Do not forget the air ducts. Any problem with the air ducts can put unnecessary strain on your HVAC. You can find services that provide professional air duct cleaning in St. George. They can remove dust and dirt that may be restricting the flow of air around the house and contribute to the inefficiency of your HVAC.

When your heating and cooling system is properly maintained, you do not have to crank up the settings so that you get the ideal temperature inside your home.

Are there air leaks?

On a related note, you should go around your house to search for spots where air may be escaping. Some of the most common places you might find air leaks are windows, doors, floors, fireplaces, around plumbing, and in your attic.

Sealing air leaks alone can cut your monthly electric bill by as much as 10% because it ensures that your heating and cooling system is working efficiently. Moreover, you do not have to deal with mold growth, a common allergen, allowing you to breathe deeply inside your own home. You can use an expandable foam, which you can buy from any hardware stores across the country, to close any holes.

Have you given your dryer a clean?

There are plenty of reasons why your dryer needs to be cleaned regularly. For one, it prevents the machine from overheating and, eventually, catching fire. It is a real threat. The U.S. Fire Administration says that 2,900 home clothes dryers catch fire each year, causing loss of property and injuries or death. A leading cause of clothes dryer fire is the failure to clean the machine.

Your dryer might also be driving your electric bill up. You need to check that the lint filter is not clogged because, if it is, then your dryer is working doubly hard to do its task efficiently. You may have to scrub the lint filter once a month to remove buildup and allow air to flow freely to dry your clothes.

Have you checked your refrigerator coils?

Your refrigerator works day and night to keep your food fresh. When you give your refrigerator a thorough clean, include the coils that are located on the bottom or at the back or the home appliance.

dirty coil becomes hot, dampening the capability of the refrigerator to cool itself and everything inside efficiently. Your refrigerator has to work hard to do its job which will reflect on your electricity usage. In fact, by not properly maintaining the home appliance, you might see a rise of up to 35% in your energy bill.

When you take good care of your home appliances, you will be rewarded. Although it is an additional chore to keep an eye on and maintain these devices, you get to save money in the long run.

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