Why You Need To Teach Your Kids To Fix Things At Home

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Many kids nowadays are growing up without learning valuable life skills. And that can be a problem when they start their own families. As early as possible, teach your kids to be independent. Instead of letting them spend their time on gadgets, use their free time to help you around as you fix things in the house.

Indeed, you can always call a professional to unclog the sink or install showerheads. But teaching your child how to do these things can be a wonderful memory to treasure for a lifetime. Once your child learns how to do the basics, they can use these skills as adults.

Here are some easy home maintenance and DIY repairs you can teach your kids.

Replacing Batteries and Testing Smoke Detectors

Encourage your child to learn the importance of fire safety at home by allowing them to engage as you test and change the batteries of smoke detectors. You can ask your kid to record the data on paper while you do the inspection every month. Let them write down the results of your assessment.

And if you find that it’s time to replace the batteries, allow them to offer assistance by handing out tools and new batteries to you.

Changing the Furnace Filter

Make sure to involve your child whenever you inspect the furnace. Checking the filter monthly will give you the chance to know when it’s time for a replacement before it becomes inefficient. Teach your child that it’s essential to clean and change the filter accordingly to keep the HVAC system running smoothly.

Let your kids watch and assist as you change the filter, so they can learn how to do it on their own. From time to time, allow them to experience changing the furnace with your supervision. You’ll be surprised to know how much kids learn just by watching.

Fixing Squeaky Doors

Over time, doors can become squeaky. And when this happens, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your child yet another valuable home skill. Bring out your screw supplies and screwdriver, can of WD-40, and get ready to teach your little apprentices how to fix a noisy door.

Ask your child to hold the WD-40 and teach them how to spray it carefully on the hinge. This technique often works just fine, but when the door is still squeaky afterward, you might need to tighten some loose screws.

Cleaning the Faucet Aerator

Faucet Aerator

Your faucet aerator might need cleaning when it starts to lose pressure. Cleaning the faucet is another task that you can easily teach your children. Plus, the disassembling methods and soaking process is often enjoyable for kids to watch.

Explain to them how to use the tools and why they need to clean the faucet often. Show them how to clean it by soaking the faucet screen in vinegar and how to put it back on. Doing this will feed their curiosity, making them want to learn more.

Silencing Creaky Floors

Floors will start to creak, too, as they age. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace them right away. Often, wood floors are creaking because the boards rub against the dub floor, but don’t worry, you can quickly fix this problem with your kids.

Get some talcum powder and sprinkle it on the creaky area. Ask your child to walk on the floor multiple times to push the powder deeper into the floorboards.

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Kids like to play with water, and you can use this to your advantage. Involve your child as you clean the windows and mirrors around the house. Make the activity more fun by allowing them to sprinkle water on the outer side of the windows as you wipe it. Doing this home maintenance activity is a great way to teach them to clean without making them bored.

Fixing Drawer and Cabinet Screws

Make sure to engage your child every time you tighten the screws of your cabinets and drawers. Fixing screws is another task you can teach in less than 10 minutes; plus, it will take their attention away from using devices.

Make the task more challenging by letting them remove the old screws and replacing them with new ones. You can always tighten the screws more after your kids install them.

Home Painting

Home painting is another fun task that will keep your kids busy. If possible, allow them to choose the colors they want to use for their rooms. By doing this, you are encouraging them to be more involved in the activity.

Teach your kids how to paint neatly by showing them the proper stroke. But before doing so, explain to them why it’s important to put away their toys first to prevent them from getting stained.

Remember that your kid will not always be a kid. They grow up too fast, making you regret why you didn’t spend more time with them. Be present in their lives by teaching them things that they can use later on when they become adults.

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