Top Three Factors Men Should Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

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Buying an engagement ring is a stressful experience for men. You have spent a while planning the perfect proposal, and now all you need is a ring to seal the deal. But buying an engagement ring isn’t just about buying any other piece of jewelry. There are a lot of things to consider, from the budget, style, gemstone, setting, and carat weight. If you’re planning to go the diamond route, there’s the clarity, color, shape, and cut quality to consider.

Whether you’re buying at a jewelry shop or online, it is common for men to feel overwhelmed and confused. You’ll encounter unique terms from solitaire diamond cut, split-shank style, micro-pavé halo engagement ring, and more styles than you might imagine. Hearing these concepts will have you running on the most basic and safest choice you’ll find.

But fear not—there may be a lot of pressure, but buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right approach, you’ll find the best ring she’ll treasure for many years to come. Below are three of the most important factors men need to consider when buying an engagement ring. Take note of these key points to find the best choice you’re comfortable with.


Before visiting a jewelry website or local store, establishing a budget should be a top priority. Instead of settling for the cheapest or most expensive choice, setting a specific budget will set you up for success. Once you have the rings laid out in front of you, the jeweler should want to know your budget range to filter out your options. Knowing what you can comfortably afford will help narrow the search and find only the ones that fit within your budget.

It is a typical misconception to spend at least two to three months’ worth of salary on an engagement ring. But this is just a marketing ploy used by some jewelers to get their clients to spend more on diamond rings. It all started as a crafty ad stint in the 1940s by De Beers, an international diamond cartel. In reality, there’s no rule when it comes to the amount you’re willing to spend on an engagement ring.

According to the American Wedding Study by Brides, the average spending of American couples on an engagement ring was $3756 last 2020. This is relatively lower than the previous $7829 last 2018. But considering the adverse financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, these figures are already expected. But the spending may still depend on the buyer if he wants to spend less or a lot more.

Her style

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Of course, you want to pick a ring your future wife will fall in love with and something she really wants to wear. Because of the clandestine approach of an engagement, you need to harness your curiosity and observation skills on this one. This will give you massive romance points for a successful proposal.

Ask yourself questions. How does she like her jewelry? Does she wear silver, gold, or platinum? Does she favor understated pieces or the glitzy variety? Knowing her personality and style preferences will help you get the answers. If she is a down-to-earth type of woman, a safe choice would be a solitaire diamond ring or the classic and less sparkly ones. Otherwise, an outgoing woman would want something a little big and dazzling to show off to her friends and family.

Another way is to know the typical contents of her jewelry box. You can ask her family about her jewelry preferences or pass by at a jewelry store while shopping and observe where her eyes often fall.

Metal and gemstone

Since ring settings come in different metal varieties, you need to ensure the precious metal will complement the gemstone. The common options are silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Each of these metals comes with its unique style and durability. While silver is the cheapest one, it is one of the less durable options. While platinum is the strongest, gold offers plenty of style varieties.

For the gemstone, take note of the 4Cs: cut (proportion), clarity (flaws or inclusions), color (visual property), and carat (weight). This is very helpful if you’re planning to buy a diamond ring. There are also gemstone shapes, from the round, cushion, marquise, pear, oval, and princess. Your chosen gemstone shape will set the overall style of the engagement ring.

Now you have walked through the steps of buying an engagement ring, it’s time to find the perfect timing. Whatever ring you choose, an engagement ring doesn’t have to be on-trend or the most expensive, it just needs to reflect her tastes and most of all, your budget. Remember our suggestions above, and we’re pretty sure she’s going to give you that big “yes” once you pop that ring.

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