5 Great Pandemic Home Improvement Ideas for the Man of the House

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According to the results of a 2020 survey done by CRAFTSMAN, a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., 78 percent of Americans polished their home improvement skills when COVID-19 hit the U.S. Even homeowners with zero skills in DIY matters had their hands full with their pet projects throughout the pandemic.

In fact, the American home improvement industry as a whole was among the most resilient industries even at the height of the pandemic, thanks in great part o homeowners who embarked on their long-planned and much-delayed property upgrades.

Now, if you’re among the many American property owners itching to push through with their desired home improvement projects, be sure to consider these five excellent ideas:

Floor replacement/enclosed patio installation

If your home has wooden flooring that needs to be replaced already, consider using high-grade timber flooring materials from your local supplier. Timber is inherently a material that exudes an inviting appeal that makes it perfect for homeowners who want a relaxing vibe inside their residence.

Aside from flooring, you may also use timber as a flooring material for an enclosed patio adjacent to or as an extension of your main structure. With a timber floor for your outdoor enclosed patio, you can expect a truly homey vibe that would make your outdoors truly a relaxing spot on your property.

Depending on your skillset and available tools and equipment at home, you may treat both as a DIY project or employ some professional help for a faster completion with outstanding results.


If your equal half approves of it and you have the money to spare, then a man cave would be a fine addition to your home. If you have a spare room such as your basement or attic or perhaps a small corner in your yard, you can locate your mancave there.

Depending on your preference, you can adopt any theme you want: sports, superhero, Wild Wild West, or Star Wars. Surely, the force will be strong where your man cave is, especially if it’s already safe enough to invite your best pals over to come and see your own spot in the house.

Workshed/outdoor study area or office

If you want to have a peaceful place where you can work on some small DIY projects, a workshed would be a perfect addition to have. It doesn’t have to be fancy or big — as long as it has all the tools and supplies you need for those small projects, then it’s a great shed no doubt.

Meanwhile, your yard can also be the perfect spot if you want to install an outdoor study area or office where you and the kids can work and study remotely. If your property is blessed to be situated in a breezy location, then you’ll surely love doing your respective stuff.

Just make sure that the outdoor office or study area is properly protected from the elements and has all the amenities you need to be productive such as lights, a comfort room, internet connection, and soundproofing.


Sometimes, all it takes to give any home a fresh look without spending too much is a new paint job.

With some cans of your chosen house paint, a few paint rollers and brushes, and old newspapers, your family can bond over the house repainting project for a few days. Depending on how big your home is and whether you’re going to repaint both indoor walls and ceilings plus your outdoor walls, this project may last for three days to a full week (or longer).

You should only buy paints with low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content to safeguard your family’s health. You should also wear proper personal protective gear such as goggles and N95 respirators to protect your eyes and lungs while painting.

Custom cabinetry

cabinets installment

If you’re skilled at carpentry, then creating some custom cabinetry from scratch should be an excellent project you should embark on.

With a few sheets of plywood, some paint, handles, and trims, you can begin creating cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Your garage and workshed would also be great areas to install your DIY cabinets.

The beauty of custom cabinetry is how well they would serve different storage requirements since you have total control over their configurations. Space would be a non-issue, too, since you can construct the cabinets to specific measurements.

Have the kids lend you a hand throughout the process to make it a fun family project for a weekend or two.

With these five great home improvement projects, your pandemic will surely be fun, productive, and enjoyable for your family.

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