How Does Smart Technology Encourage Better Home Living?

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Smart home technology is all the rage nowadays. From smart speakers to smart thermostats, the market is booming with all sorts of innovative devices.

But do these new technologies live up to the hype, or are they overrated? Below are some ways smart technology improves everyday home living.

Improving security in your home

Home surveillance and detection systems have greatly improved over the decades. Many of these systems are now equipped with facial recognition capabilities and advanced alert systems. It’s relatively easy to set up and control these devices — not to mention they can be controlled remotely through mobile devices.

What are some examples of these security-focused smart devices?

  • Outdoor security cameras, for instance, can be programmed to recognize the faces of family and visitors. If any unrecognized faces are attempting to enter your home while you’re away, alarms or alerts can be sent to your smartphone or computer.
  • Smart locks allow you to leave and enter your home without having to lock up manually. Similar to automatic door openers in commercial shops, some smart locks enable you to open front doors and garages automatically.

Improving energy efficiency

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Increasing environmental awareness has given rise to the energy-conscious consumer. Aside from designing and building energy-efficient homes, people are also looking to integrate energy smart home devices.

These devices bring several benefits. For one, they can help automatically control ambient temperature in rooms. Lights equipped with sensors can switch off by themselves if a place is unoccupied. The following are some devices that help keep energy costs down:

  • LED lighting uses about 25 to 80 percent less energy than traditional fixtures, like halogen incandescent. LED lighting can also be equipped with smart features. Companies like Philips, Samsung, and Nanoleaf offer smart LED lighting that can be customized according to your preferred usage. These devices have automatic dimming capabilities and an array of light colors to choose from. Also, they can be controlled through a tablet, smartphone, or accompanying app.
  • Smart thermostats enable you to automate the cooling and heating settings of your home. A smart thermostat can be quite handy when you’re always in a hurry to leave the house. You can set a warmer temperature during the hours when you’re at work. Alternatively, you can just have the device automatically set a temperature when it doesn’t detect any occupants.

Encouraging wellness and better health

Aside from energy-efficiency, smart LED lights can also benefit your health. You can configure a unique light setting that helps your eyes perform well during any type of activity — be it cooking, reading, or doing maintenance work in the house.

Smart lights can also be used to initiate drowsiness when it’s time to wind down for bed — ensuring you get enough sleep and rest. Alternatively, smart lights can sync with your smartphone alarm. Lights can accompany the ringing of the latter to help you wake up on time.

Lastly, smart air purifiers can ensure clean air in your home at all times. Indoor air often becomes stagnant, which creates an ideal environment for dust and harmful toxins. With a smart air purifier, you can automatically detect the presence of air contaminants and filter them out.

With these ideas in mind, you can make your life at home more manageable and comfortable. Your worries are lessened, and you can focus on other important things.

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